Filling Your Cups: Self-Care and the Chakras, Part 3

Self-Care for the Third Chakra: BE YOURSELF!

While we can get inspirations of creativity from the second chakra, it is the 3rd chakra, solar plexus area of the body where those creative ideas can ignite into outward expression and inspiration. Here we hold the key to allowing creative ideas to dance in the light. This chakra holds the awareness and energy of your sense of self, personal power and strength, self-worth, deservingness, knowing and valuing who you are, and your personal identity. Your passion for life and ability to set healthy boundaries also are energetically based at this center.

Ego resonates at this level: at a balanced and healthy amount, underinflated, or overinflated. When you feel creative impulses regarding how you want to touch this world in a way that is your unique expression, it is your fire and sense of self that can inspire you and help you feel worthy of carrying out these creative goals. Understanding your soul purpose(s) and unique gifts you have chosen for yourself (at a soul level) can be especially meaningful to feeling a strong sense of self, believing in yourself, and passion for life.

Your solar plexus (solar – fire center… no coincidence here) is at the base of your sternum where your ribs come together, and in the area of the stomach, which is an area of your body that burns extremely hot. The color of this energy center is yellow like the sun. The third chakra holds the important life questions:

Who AM I? What do I WANT? What is IMPORTANT to ME? Do I feel deserving of pursuing, receiving, having, doing, being those things?

What if your fire is low? You might notice that as:

  • lack of passion for life

  • having a hard time believing in yourself

  • feeling like you don’t know who you are

  • not knowing what you want, having hard time making decisions (big and/or little ones)

  • having a hard time saying “no,” to others and setting boundaries

Or what if your fire is burning a little out of control? You might notice:

  • You have so much excitement and passion for what you are interested in that you don’t make time for other people or parts of your life

  • Burning the candle at both ends

  • So one-pointed in your focus that you are unable to see other people’s points of view, other’s needs, or see outside of yourself

  • Eyes on the prize” can mean you’re not noticing other important aspects of life

  • Power struggles with others

  • People call you a “workaholic”

How can you provide self-care or balance for the 3rd chakra?

Here are some ideas of how you can provide self-care for this chakra, both passively and actively.

3rd Chakra – Be Boldly Yourself!



Soak up some sunlight (with skin and eye protection as needed). Have you been spending too much time inside? Spend 5-10 minutes just laying in the grass or comfy place. Receive.

Go outside, and be active in the sun! Let the sun uplift you!

Enjoy the sunset or sunrise

Do something that scares you a little that you have wanted to do, and lights your passion for life, something adventurous.

For example: sing in front of someone, reach out to someone that you’ve been wanting to but haven’t for some reason, try something new, take a day trip with no particular destination and see where you end up, finish a creative project and let someone see, read, hear, or experience it.

Sit by a fire and receive it’s glow, warmth, and let it mesmerize you. (Campfire, chiminea, fireplace, a candle).

Do something that helps you to feel STRONG – lift weights, exercise in a way that builds your feeling of strength, speak from your truth, read something that supports you learning about something you are passionate about…

Journal, in some way connect with Source, the Divine, God, Collective Consciousness, Your Higher Self (however you name the wisdom and consciousness beyond your own mind) about how you can bring a creative idea out into the light.

Do something that lights you up! That inspires you and your passions for life! (If you like to paint – look at an art book or a favorite artist’s paintings online, if you want to write: read a book by a favorite author or about how to write a novel, take a language class, listen to a Ted Talk on a favorite subject… if you can find even 10 minutes a day, once a week – do something that is inspiring to you as an individual.

Journal or meditate on the question – what do I really want ___________? (fill in the blank, for example: to do today, for my birthday, to fill myself up with energy, for the special time you set aside for yourself, for my career, for a hobby, just for fun, for spiritual connection… What would you like to fill in the blank?).

Make a commitment to yourself to follow through with something important to you. Figure out how you can find the time, and fit it into your routines.

Positive self-talk and affirmations – i.e. say nice things to yourself.

Take a stand for something you believe in, in a productive way (whatever that means to you).

This list is not comprehensive, but I hope that it can inspire more. Please share yours!

As with all of the chakras, there is a process and journey of self-discovery and growth. There can be a lot that seems to stand in the way of us being our most brilliant selves. Fear of failure, and even fear of success can inhibit this chakra. There can be the voices from the past or present that say “who do you think you are?” “What makes you think you are so special?” “What makes you think you deserve that?” If you believe in past-lives, and/or in ancestral memory and that you or someone in your family lineage has been killed or maimed or persecuted as a witch, healer, herbalist, woman who dared speak up for herself, soldier, or person who stood up for what they believed in, etc., there can be fears related to these experiences that can get in the way of you wanting to openly and successfully be who you are now.

As you contemplate the 3rd chakra and self-care for it, I hope you can better stand in the strength of who you are. Know you are worthy of being you! If you aren’t you, no one else can be that for you! If you don’t offer what is uniquely you to the world, then you deprive the world of those gifts. We are all blessed with divine gifts… what makes you uniquely special? If you feel like the answer is nothing, please do not believe that. You just haven’t found it yet.

If you find you get stuck, can Akashic Record consultation and healing session can help release past-live blocks, bring balance discover your soul-purposes, and much more.

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