Filling Your Cups: Self-Care and the Chakras, Part 7 Self-Care for the Seventh Chakra: Be Connected

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              The Seventh Chakra is found at the crown of the head. Some see it as a 144 petaled lotus which is waiting in ready to bloom open to unite with the brilliance of the Divine. Quality of connection at this chakra can be supported by the quality of connection (and self-care we are doing) at the rest of our major physical chakras of the body. This pole inspires us to unite within ourselves to the Divine source, as the first chakra helps us to be grounded, practical, and in the physical. Both are important. The 7th Chakra is where we discover and continue to expand into our connection with the Divine. “It is also our ‘grace bank account’ the warehouse for the energy we mass through kind thoughts and actions, and through acts of faith and prayer (Myss, 1996, p. 265).

The Vedic tradition teaches that there are three main paths to the Divine: the path of knowledge or Jyana, the path of spiritual devotion or Bhakti, and the path of selfless service or Karma. These 3 paths can translate to any spiritual path or religion. The path of knowledge is often thought of as being found through the study of sacred teachings; it is a path of the mind. Spiritual devotion engages the heart through practices such as chanting or singing holy songs, prayerfulness and kindness. Selfless service involves performing acts of compassion without attachment to outcome or reciprocity, as a way of serving the Divine that is seen as being within all beings. You may relate to one or all of these paths, or other paths to having a relationship with the Divine. Another way that many feel connected to the Divine is through group worship and study, such as through churches, synagogues, temples, or spiritual groups. Others feel connected when in the splendor of natural places. Being around animals or children can remind people of the purity of life, and help them to feel closer to the Divine. There are countless ways of meditating to seek inner connection with Source. What way or ways do you find work the best for you?

Some say that all paths lead to “God” (or Divine or Source energy). A perspective the Akashic Records can provide, if you are open to it, is that during the soul’s many journeys through time, the soul continues to make intentions and choose experiences in order to grow and evolve. These choices lead a soul to eventually to become unified again with the pure essence of the Divine. Even a life spent committed to the basest of motivations can teach the soul, over time, to make choices that ultimately lead one back to the Divine.

Though many religions claim they are the one and only path, at this Seventh Chakra center, everyone has the ability to choose their own path and discover their own connection with the Divine (or to choose none at all). In a comical television show about what happens after people die, called The Good Place, the story opens with the actor Ted Danson welcoming a disoriented character into the afterlife. He says, regarding what happens after death, that all religions got it about 5% right. Though that is satirical view, it may be a valid point that none of us knows for sure the entire picture of what happens after we leave this world. However, what feels true and right to you at this point in your soul’s journey is important for you, as these beliefs guide your actions in this life and are part of your individual learning process. We all have the capability to connect with the Divine, and to experience more and more of that essence within all of life. It is through activating this center that we can seek ever-more-deepening and expansive Divine truths and states of being for ourselves.

Some caution, however, about activating the Seventh Chakra. Some say that we should not focus on activating the 7th chakra directly because it could “blow one’s circuits.” Instead some teach to work on activating the first 6 chakras, and the 7th center will open naturally when it is ready. Keeping our energy evenly-dispersed through each chakra can keep us from having energetic “blow-outs.” Keeping a strong connection to the Earth through the first chakra is also very important for staying grounded and to keep spiritual energy in the 7th chakra from becoming overwhelming to the brain and nervous system (Custer, 2005). It can be helpful to work with a guide or teacher before extensively working energetically with the 7th Chakra.

Religion or spiritual practices can feel unattractive for some people, whether because they feel too dogmatic, too open-ended, or many other reasons. If the concept of a Higher Power feels uncertain or unappealing, the concept of being a good person may be a more palatable way to connect with this chakra. There are wonderful templates for rules to live by like the Ten Commandments of Christianity, or the Yamas and Niyamas (Do’s and Don’ts – also 10 of them) of the Yoga Sutras.

Self-Care for the 7th Chakra can take many forms, and can feel very personal. People have been killed and persecuted for their spiritual and religious beliefs. Even though that isn’t so prevalent in 2022, those memories linger, and judgments can still be and feel strong both internally and externally. There are still people who claim anything other than their religious beliefs are evil or wrong, so it is understandable if you or someone you know may want to keep personal spiritual beliefs personal for fear of being harshly judged. While there are those who think there is one only right way, consider the possibility that people feel and connect with the Divine in different ways. How does anyone know what is right for another person? Consider the concept that judging others is doing is a type of harm, while accepting other’s decisions is a kindness. Discerning what is right for you is a kindness to yourself. Remember to Do unto others as you (would like) they do to you.

To care for your 7th Chakra, and feed this energy battery, ask yourself: What feeds your spirit, your soul? How do you feel connected to God, Source, the Divine, or the spirit of Goodness (please use the name(s) in which you feel most right to you)? As suggested above, some connect through their mind, through studying sacred texts and teachings, or find a religious counselor, Priest, Minister, Rabbi, religious or spiritual representative, teacher, or wise person to be helpful – someone who has studied and practiced spiritual ways of being. Some find that through the heart they feel most connected to the Divine, through practices such as selfless service, giving, gratitude, practicing loving kindness, through prayer, or singing devotional songs (just to name a few).

Some find the “flow” state to be the way of connecting to something transpersonal. The “flow state” is losing yourself and in the joy of doing a task; through deep focus and immersion in an activity, a high-functioning, harmonious, and energized state ensues (Csikszentmihalyi, 1990). This link provides helpful ideas on how to achieve the Flow state:

Similarly, the act of creating can to be a way of connecting to the Divine, such as writing, music, art, or building. Feeling inspired through the act of creating something beautiful, emotive, with the purpose of teaching, or just for the joy of it, can be transpersonal.

Some find they experience a transpersonal state through exercise, especially if it’s rhythmic, or out in nature can help them feel connected to expanded states.

Others find the sacred through Meditation. This is an area where there can be a lot of “this is the only way” or “this is the best way” kinds of teachings. Despite that, feel heartened that there are countless ways to meditate and one may feel really special and easy to you, while others may feel frustrating. If you feel like you “can’t meditate,” but wish you could, keep looking! You may not have found your way yet. There are three main categories of mediation. One category includes teachings on emptying the mind, a second category includes focusing on one or very few things like your breath, a mantra, a candle, or body sensations, and a third category includes guided meditations where someone talks you through a meditative experience (you could also think of that as a focusing type of meditation). If you consider the idea that one’s body responds physiologically to every thought one has, thinking can pay a heavy energy toll on the body. Taking a break to even slow down or reduce one’s thoughts can have a rejuvenating effect on the mind and body, and make room for the heart and spirit to be heard.

Group worship, spiritual study, group meditation, and other types of activities that focus on the Divine can amplify learning and sacred experiences. There is no doubt the importance of place and intention, and going to a place where the only intention is to honor, study, and focus upon the sacred can be palpably powerful. Shared group intention even at a distance, like sharing a prayer across the globe at the same time, can also be an amplifier for having an experience of the sacred.

The best way to care for your 7th chakra, or feed this energy battery is to find what works for you. If you aren’t sure, here are a few questions to guide you:

When have you felt the most connected?

Where have you felt that most connected?


With what people, or was it by yourself?

Did that or those experiences happen spontaneously, or during a specific period of time? If so what factors do you think lead up to or contributed to that or those experience(s)?

What helps you feel the most connected? Find those practices, ways of being, habits and routines, and do them, be them as needed. Fill your spiritual battery and it can help support your other energy batteries (or chakras), your well-being, and your goals in life.


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