Neck Pain Related to Past Lives

In an Akashic Record Coaching virtual session, Rosalie (name and other personal details changed for privacy.  Shared with permission.) said that her neck had been hurting all week.  She had been trying all sorts of things to help it feel better: stretches, exercises, herbal remedies, topical lotions, and E-stim.  All of those things helped, but she was still waking up every morning with her neck feeling really stiff.  Neck pain wasn’t usually an issue for her, and she thought something was affecting her on a spiritual – energetic level.

We briefly talked about physical contributors to pain like her pillow, her sleep position, any recent injuries – but nothing was new in this department.  I couldn’t work on her body in-person since we were a few time zones away.

What did she think might have been Spiritual and Energetic Triggers?  She began to share a story about something that happened recently.  She and a male friend were having a good-natured disagreement, and he jokingly put his hands toward her neck, and made a shaking motion in front of her, like he was going to strangle her.  He didn’t actually touch her, but she said “Stop it,” immediately.  “That doesn’t feel funny to me.”  He took her seriously and stopped, apologizing.

She said that she watched a TV show this past week that also may have been a trigger.  In a fleeting part of an episode,  there was a scene that alluded to people being burned and tortured, accused of being witches.  It was just after this, she now realized, that her neck pain started.  She thought both things together probably triggered her pain, though she didn’t see it this clearly until now.

Her Akashic Record Keepers showed me images and stories about a life where she was choked by a stranger, who stole the wares she was selling at an outdoor market, and fled the scene.  He needed money and saw her as an easy target.  She had come from a village of people where everyone knew everyone else, and she had never met an untrustworthy human – it was shocking, to say the least.  A little piece of her soul was suspended in time and space by this shock.  The experience caused her to form a soul-level belief that men cannot be trusted, and there was a related feeling of wariness.  Part of her was looking for signs that any harm might come to her.  The recent choking-motion joke triggered this past life feeling and belief.  We worked in her Akashic Records with the old beliefs, and helped her to write-in new beliefs.  Her Record Keepers also shared strategies to help in her current life, like how to talk about the “choking joke” with her friend.  This put her more at ease about seeing him again.  We also reclaimed her suspended soul part. After this Rosalie felt noticeably better.

Her record keepers then showed her a powerful past-life soul memory where she was a seer and priestess.  She was just at the apex of an ecstatic experience, merging with the Divine feminine, when she was strategically killed by a man who slit her throat.  Her killer was intent to spread fear among all who shared her beliefs.  He felt righteous, believing only his religion was the only true and right way to know God.  Her soul was jolted out of its experience, and she developed a soul-level fear that fully uniting with her intuitive abilities could be deadly.  The television show she watched this week reminded her soul of this memory and triggered neck pain in her current body.  We worked to reclaim this soul piece, suspended in time, and to release and update related beliefs to help her feel comfortable claiming her intuitive power more fully.

She physically felt her neck muscles relax as the session went on, and the next morning she said, “I woke up feeling so good and vibrant again!  My neck feels great, and I feel playful and inspired!”

(Personal information, and personal details of the story altered for privacy.  Story shared with permission.)

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