Giving Yourself Permission to Hang up the “Temporarily Unavailable” Sign


Have you ever wanted to hang up a sign like this?  I recently got the flu and then a secondary infection that took a lot of my energy and attention, and I found myself just wanting to post this sign everywhere so I could duck and cover.  I did a version of that, and people were wonderfully understanding.

Most people have those times where you get the message: You need to take a break from everyone and everything NOW!  We have some deep healing to do.  Love, your Divine team.  

The more we surround ourselves with people who understand what this process is like, because they do it too, the easier it is to feel supported and ok about “hanging out the sign.”  When we take the time to deeply transform, then we come back to life differently.

I’m sure you know this, but sometimes it’s hard to remember when you’re in the middle of it: Illnesses and injuries can be intensely transformational experiences.  Sometimes it is difficult to make the time in life to focus inward, so our higher selves (the Divine, our souls, life… ) make room through illnesses and injuries.  Sure, you might feel dumb, guilty, or stupid for not finding a time sooner and getting into this mess (I definitely have those moments!).  Would it be nicer to heal by taking time for a personal retreat, or take some time for healing and inward reflection everyday, so that these healing experiences happen without getting sick or injured – Absolutely!  But sometimes… this stuff happens.  Make the best of it!  Ask for assistance, understanding, clarity, and deeper healing, and you will receive it.

During my recent illness, I recieved movie-like images of past-life experiences of two lifetimes where I drowned.  In one I was as a young boy being shipped over to the Americas from Europe as an indentured servant, and in the other I was as a recently captured slave chained to a boat that I was forced to help row.  In both experiences, I missed my family, felt desperately alone, and felt an intense, defeated feeling that my freedom, personal will and desires were taken from me.

My healing team showed me how in this life, the asthma-related respiratory infections that I have gotten nearly every time I get a cold, have roots in these old experiences and emotions I felt as my lungs burned and drowned in fluids as I drowned.  There were parts of me stuck in those experiences, needing love and attention to transform.  In my current life, the burning and drowning in mucous feeling that accompanies respiratory infections triggers those feelings of intense aloneness and hopelessness.

My team filled my lungs with multi-colored light and healing after showing me the stories and making the connection between past life and current life.  There have been beautiful moments of grace.

I did lots of other things to address this cold in other areas of life life: rest, diet, medicine, herbs, fluids… but this energetic healing process brought a new dimension of hope and transformation to this recurring respiratory infection experience.

Overall I wholeheartedly admit, it hasn’t been fun.  On an energetic level, I’ve been receiving messages that there has been a deep healing of the codes I’m holding in my cells, a deep lymphatic clearing from the cellular battle waged, and a process of regeneration is occurring.  While energetic healing can happen instantly, the denser, physical levels can take longer to catch up.  I still don’t have my usual level of energy, and it is requiring some patience.  🙂

Will I never get a respiratory illness again?  I don’t know.  I have a new feeling of hope, expansion and strength.  I feel certain that another layer of limitation that was holding back my expansion and health has found transformation.  Bringing love and light to the unloved places inside is a continuing, exhilarating process that sometimes takes our full attention.  I love to help people with their process in this way.  Click here to schedule a virtual appointment.

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