Containing Your Energy, Part 1

What does the phrase, Contain Your Energy mean to you?  In a recent vacation in New Zealand – Aotearoa, I received this message from my guides many times, in many different ways.  This and other messages have been percolating for a few weeks now.

Containing Your Energy has many implications, and I will be writing a new blog series about it which will include a sort of spiritual travelogue and share some of the wonderful insights that being in such pristine nature provided.  I hope that it will be helpful for more than just me.  I’ve already been integrating new layers of learning into my work with others.

Containing Your Energy means many things to me.  The first way I’d like to talk about it is seeing it as – How are You Giving Your Energy Away in ways that do not support your intentions?  I coach people often this concept, with the help of the Akashic Record Keepers and guides, when I perceive leaks, cords, holes, and incongruent beliefs in people’s chakras and auric field.  We help people to see and understand these patterns more clearly, shift the energy, and find strategies, habits and routines that can create a new way of being.  Some of this change can happen in an instant and some of it takes time and practice to implement into one’s life.  In my experience, personal growth is a consciousness project with practices that help to us to become more and more expansive.  Those little reminders that to do this instead of that can make a huge difference in how we experience life.  Daily practices based on our current awareness of who we are and how we want to be help us to focus and contain our energy within those intentions.

Here are some examples of Containing Your Energy challenges that I have seen in myself and other people:

  • Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes: I don’t know who originated this phrase, but Thank you, whoever you are! I’ve heard it often and you probably have too.  It’s a wonderful truism!  When one focuses on things they don’t want, or focuses on things that bother them, it gives that thing your energy.  When we focus on the state of being that we do want, or what we do want, our energy goes there.  (I’m not saying that I do this perfectly by any means.  It’s just one of my practices that is in-progress).  Perhaps this can serve as a little reminder for you too!
    • Sensory Sensitivities: One’s energy can leak out towards something that is irritating, annoying, or disturbing to them. Here are a few examples of what this can look like energetically (in the way I see it).
      1. Emotions: When emotions within yourself, in other people, in your environment, or in the world or universe at large pull at your attention, on an energetic level this can create a vortex of energy that keeps spinning, like a cyclone within you. It can build energy and get bigger the more you pay attention to it.  The bigger and stronger it gets, the stronger it’s power to suck other parts of your attention and energy into it.
      2. Auditory Sensitivity: When sounds become irritating or distracting from what you would like to be doing like sleep, meditate, or focus on something, this can create a leak in your energy system where your attention and energy actually goes toward that sound and the person or thing creating it.
    • Personal Practice – Ask Yourself: Where is my Energy (or Attention) Going Right Now? 
      1. Awareness is always the first step! I’m sure you already know that, but it’s one of those helpful reminders.  Oh yea, I’m doing that again! 
      2. Don’t blame yourself, the other person, or situation!
        • Placing blame or getting angry doesn’t usually help. Sometimes it just focuses and gives more of your energy and power to what is annoying you.  If it happens, that’s okay.  See if you can shift that need to place blame and ask yourself what you can learn from this experience.
        • However, your anger or irritation can also be useful. Paying attention to it can provide you with helpful information about changing your situation for the better.
      3. Ask yourself – What can I do to focus my energy where I want it?
        • Auditory Example: When noises in my environment that I can’t control are keeping me from sleeping, I put headphones in my ears with the sound of ocean waves, or other sounds (like white, brown, or green noise) which help me to sleep.
        • Emotion Example: When the cyclone of emotions takes a lot of your energy and attention, there are lots of things you can do to refocus your energy.
          • Figure out why you are feeling that way and see what you can do to feel better based on that information. (It goes without saying things like counseling, journaling, talking to a loved one, your guides, and other trusted professionals, etc. can help with this). 
          • Shift gears – Step outside the vortex, as difficult as that may be. You might say – I know this is an important emotion, but I need to break from it.  Maybe you watch a uplifting movie, sing a happy song, listen to some music that helps you feel a different way, step out into the sunshine, ask a loved one for a hug, pet an animal, etc…
          • Come back to your practices and coping strategies that are your go-tos! Those good habits that you have worked hard to cultivate can really help pull you out of the cyclone of emotions.
          • Focus on something that you DO want to pay attention to. Sometimes it’s too hard from a triggered place to just jump into meditation or receiving assistance from your guides.  Doing something easier first to shift your emotions can sometimes be helpful.  Often shifting gears takes a few steps when emotional energy vortexes are especially powerful!

Of course this is just a few strategies that might fit for some people and situations and not for others.  There’s no “One Size Fits All” spiritual practice.  Please do what works best for you!

In Part 2 of Containing Your Energy, I’ll talk about Potency vs Disappearing.  

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