Another Big Shift


The recent eclipse we experienced at the end of July facilitated much clearing.  For the week or so before that, many of us were feeling a great need to purge things that were no longer fitting the vision we had for our life.  I felt like my cells were releasing toxins and poisons from old belief systems (and okay, foods that I have on my “cheat days” too!).
I felt very itchy, anxious, and extremely irritated for a week and a half, followed by musculoskeletal pain and spinal misalignment.  Like a circuit breaker that keeps a surge of energy from frying our electronics, the vertebrae can sometimes go out of alignment as new waves of energy fill our nervous and energy channels, that are most potent along the spine.  Some epsom salt baths and a visit to the chiropractor assisted me in that process to realign.

Many of us have had to work very hard to breathe through this time of intense change!

You may be finding that even objects in your home that no longer have meaning, are feeling irritating, like they are needlessly taking up space and energy – and they are.  If it feels right to you, lovingly let go of that which obviously is no longer part of the life you are creating.  Like the photo above of the cactus flower, honor that which you are releasing as part of what helped you to bloom.  The difficult times gave birth to the beauty you are feeling now.  Perhaps you can find the right home for these things, where they can be appreciated and needed.  If it is a person you are releasing, do it by communicating to them, writing down, praying, or speaking out loud to the universe what you appreciated, and wish them well as they continue in their journey of manifesting their ideal life.

As you let go bravely, and with love, you may be surprised what wonderful, new things, people, and situations present!

What you have been holding and hoping for in your heart of hearts, from objects that support new interests, to loving relationships, to more meaningful work, and beyond …   There is much support in the cosmos for this process right now!

We are receiving a profound opportunity to release things that may have been difficult to extricate ourselves from in the past, even if we knew they were no longer serving us.

Old patterns, relationships, structures that we may have felt stuck in before, suddenly and profoundly are surprisingly easy to release.  Take advantage of this window if you are feeling it!  This is an opportunity for making room for what you have been dreaming of!  Changes are happening rapidly.  It may feel difficult to keep up!  As we make room by letting go of relationships, jobs, objects, and/or situations that no longer fit, very quickly more aligned options step forward to take their place.

New possibilities that we could not see just a few days and weeks ago are emerging!

It is very important to stay grounded during this time.  Change is happening rapidly.  You may be experiencing periods of intense freedom, rightness, and alignment with things you only dared hope for in the past – and then moments of exhaustion from all of the change!  There may be brief periods of irritation and clearing in the midst of this change.  Honor it, breathe, ground yourself by clearing out your closet, cleaning your home, taking a walk in nature, taking a bath, taking a walk, writing down the changes you are experiencing, updating your vision board, or whatever feels right to you.  Change is taking hold.  A new chapter of life has begun!


These blog posts are a reflection of what I have been intuiting, experiencing, and themes I have been noticing when talking to my soul friends.  If these words support and resonate with your experience, fantastic!  If they do not, then they were not meant for you.  As always, honor your own internal guidance above all else!

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