The shift continues…

Sun through clouds 2   

Last Saturday we had another eclipse.  I really do not follow eclipses, solar flares and other celestial events – but I usually can tell when I can’t sleep, and when my nervous system is handling more energy than it knows how to process, that there is a cosmic contributor.  If you are one of these sensitive souls, the good news is, these cosmic events can really catapult our lives in a positive direction when we have a conscious intention during the shift.  We have a choice.  We can be victims, go a little batty with not sleeping and the feeling the nervous system buzz that won’t quiet down, feel like our lives are falling apart at the seams (on a rather regular basis lately), OR we can use intention to harness this energy for change in a direction that serves the higher good.  Here’s an example:

I woke with terrible pain in my body at 3:30am on Saturday the 11th, and was about to backpack 20 miles the next 2 days, wondering how I would be able to do it!  I ached all over; a deep and very distracting pain.  I reluctantly went to meditate (I really just wanted to go back to sleep, but couldn’t).  The pain was consuming, and I couldn’t connect with a feeling of love with the Divine, which has become a fairly easy practice usually for me.  As I sat with the pain and asked more about it, I received the message that this new energy surge via the eclipse, was something that I could use constructively.  During the eclipse mid-July, I was focused on finding love, and the last few weeks have been a whirlwind after meeting someone who has soul-mate energy!  I am still adjusting to this change.  In my meditation I was asked to determine what life issue I would like to focus on now.  What remnants of fear, insecurity, or worry remain that are keeping me from feeling an expanded and connected life of joy?  Home, security, and fall allergies came up.  Those seem like 3 issues, but they are all connected to the earth and the first chakra.  As I focused on the clarity of this idea, the pain immediately subsided and has since stayed away.

While I was backpacking in the lovely Snowy Range of WY the next 2 days, I had an opportunity to sit by a river and meditate.  I heard the affirmation, “I support life.  I am supported by life.  I am home.”  Since then, I am trying to expand my limited belief of worrying about financial security, affording a house in the real estate market in Colorado that is booming and at the moment out of my price range, and the pollen that I have always been so very allergic to in the fall.  I am trying to remember that life supports me, I support life, and wherever I am on the planet, I am “home.”  I am seeing some evidence of change.

This recent shift was a big one.  A week later, I still feel my nervous system working to expand to a greater capacity to carry light.  As we carry more light, old belief systems that were tethered to fear, worry, anger can no longer take up residence.  Our beliefs have to expand into a new way of living in the light.  New possibilities begin to unfold that we could not see even a few weeks ago!  Keep breathing, riding these waves of changes, and ground in whatever ways you can.

When we are learning to carry more light it can be overwhelming.  Many have trouble sleeping.  Others have headaches, body aches, have difficulty concentrating, feel anxious,  depressed, overwhelmed … but trust that your body will adjust to each new level of light we are receiving.  In the meantime do what you can do ground all of this light and love.  Remember we are expanding all of the time into greater capacities to hold these energies, but it is always an adjustment that is often uncomfortable.  Find your intention for expansion.  Find an affirmation that helps.  Ground in any way that works for you.  Here is a method that recently came to me:

As I was gazing at the beautiful Colorado mountains the other night, I heard and felt the mountain share it’s medicine with me.

Lesson from a mountain:
A mountain is always rooted to the earth, grounded.

The mist, the rain, the wind, the snow all come.  The leaves come and go.  Even drought, fire, and pestilence do not affect the energy of the mountain that is deep and timeless.

Connect with a mountain that you see in the distance, or go to the mountains, or look at  a photograph of a mountain.  Ask the mountain to share it’s energy with you.  Feel it help you to root deep into your center, and to the earth.  Feel how all of the things on your to do list, demands, and stresses of the day (like the weather that is around a mountain) effect you less when you are drawn in deeper inside of yourself.

I am always amazed when I ask nature for help, how quickly my state of being can shift.  I was feeling particularly frenetic the other night, and within 4 minutes I felt completely transformed, asking a mountain to help me to shift my energy to be more grounded and centered.

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