Nature’s essence


Nature has a great capacity for sharing it’s love with us.  In fact, it can share a variety of feeling states.  I have been developing the ability through a very simple, but profound practice that has evolved through paying attention to my higher self and guides, to be able to instantly connect with divine joy, love, appreciation, and wonder.  My ability to hold onto it varies, but it continues to be a regular practice.  What is much more difficult for me, is connecting to calmness.  I have a genetic predisposition to get particularly anxious at times.  Though yoga, visualizations, breathing, meditation, being aware of my repetitive thoughts, using affirmations, and a variety of other things, I have learned to mitigate it, but there are times that it can take me awhile to get out of that state, once I am triggered, to calm down.  I had the realization while sitting by a favorite tree, why can’t I also instantly connect with divine calmness?  I would like to develop that capacity.  Why can’t we humans instantly connect to any feeling state we desire?

I felt my tree friend’s energy, the one I was sitting by.  It was so lovely, so alive, so literally rooted to the earth, grounded.  I felt the peacefulness of the tree’s energy.  I enjoyed the languid looking movement of her branches and leaves gently swaying in the summer breeze.  And then the more I took in her energy and beauty, I felt like she was wanting to help me. (I say “she” simply because her energy felt very feminine and nurturing).  I felt her extend her energy field around me. She said that she was sharing her peace and calmness with me until I could entrain on it and adopt that energy state as my own.  It felt like a hug as she intentionally wrapped her energy field around me, transmitting calmness and peace around me.  And more – she said that I could (and anyone who wants to can) approach any tree or any rock, or flower or bit of nature and if “it” was willing, it could share any number of feeling states with us humans.  Grace, peace, joy, healing … any feeling state you can imagine, can be shared.  Nature can wrap its energy field around you and share a feeling state vibration with you.   

Begin to notice trees, rocks, flowers, bodies of water, plants, mountains, valleys – whatever you are drawn to in nature.  Notice their essence.  What feeling state are they emanating into the world?  What quality do you feel as you look at them?  If it is a quality you would like to tune into more, ask them to wrap their energy field and that quality around you.  Breathe it in.  Allow that bit of the divine in nature help you fill up with it, until you can own that feeling as your own.  Give back your gratitude to the nature being that assisted you.


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