Containing Your Energy, Part 2

Transforming Draining Tasks into Energizing Ones!

Do you ever feel your energy sinking just thinking about something on your “to do” list?

I can think of countless times that I’ve done that!  My first chakra (practical, grounded. part) is one of my more challenging energy centers.  So – I’m not an efficiency expert or coming from a place of mastery in this area.  I am passionate about growing and being more energized in my life, and helping others do the same.

I’m writing this blog entry because it’s not something that comes naturally or easily for me.  Because it’s difficult, I celebrate every little “win” in this area.  Maybe you feel the same way.  Or maybe you’re great at this – and would love to comment and share some of your wisdom.   All are welcome!  🙂

How Do You Make Adulting Tasks More Fun and Energizing?

Please comment with some of the ways you do this!  We can all learn from each other.  Here are a few ideas:

Shift your PERSPECTIVE about a task

  • If I clean out my closet, I can make room for something new that I love!
  • Cleaning brings in fresh energy and I’ll make it fun by dancing around to a great playlist as I clean!
  • Sorting through this pile will help me concentrate better.

Change the WAY you do it

  • I’m going to bike to do my errands, because the thought of driving around to several places just sounds exhausting (and I keep avoiding it)! This way I get fresh air, exercise, and quality time with my sweetie.
  • Don’t want to stretch? Do it while watching TV.   Maybe it won’t be the purest yoga experience, but at least your body will feel better!
  • Craving a snack? Take an extra minute and make something just a little (or a lot) healthier.  You might feel better afterwards rather than guilty.

“Don’t touch it Twice” (Bradberry and Greaves, 2014)

  • I’m finding a reference to this book, but I think this quote has roots in a much older self-help book. I just can’t remember or locate it. (Please let me know if you know, and I’ll give it proper credit).  The idea here is to take the extra step if you can easily finish something now, and it will save a lot of time and energy throughout the course of a day.  When I read this many years ago it stuck with me.  I remind myself of it often and am always glad when I follow this advice.
  • 2-Minute Rule (Allen, 2015): If you can get it done in 2 minutes, do it now!
    • Rather than throwing your shoes in the bedroom put it all the way in my closet. Hang your shirt up instead of throwing it on the bed, clean your dish all the way rather than sitting it in the sink…
    • If you look at an email – respond now and trash it or put it in a folder when done. (Wow – I really need to start doing that! This idea from this great blog post on Time Management – link in references).  (Smoky Hill Education Service, 2013).

Just get it off your “to do” list.  That is its own reward!   Give yourself a little reward afterwards too!

  • My hubbie is a fan of the phrase, “If you need to do something, do it Right Now!” This is not a natural tendency for me, especially for things I don’t want to do. I keep this in mind and am s l o w l y becoming more this way!   If I can do it, I know you can!
  • I will let myself have that food treat I’ve been thinking about – but first, I’m going to pay my bills.
  • I’ll let myself watch one episode of the show I’ve been enjoying after I do my workout!

Make it Feel Better to Do it than NOT to do it!

  • Maybe you’ve tried this at work or with your children! Make it easy to choose the “right” thing – for yourself.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to do it right now, then put stuff out where it will annoy you, or where you keep being reminded of it, until it feels better to just get it done than be reminded of it.
    • Put your laundry basket in the middle of the floor!
    • Put the bill you need to pay or sticky note on the kitchen counter
    • Put a reminder and alert on your phone or stickie note on your calendar or computer and keep it on there until you do it The more you see it, the more it might annoy you, but at some point it’s likely to feel great once you stop having to look at it!

If thinking about the WHOLE task makes you tired – Pick a small, doable step!

  • Sometimes once you start, you might feel like continuing! Starting can be the hard part.  Even if you only do one part, you might feel much better about starting and more motivated to do the next step sometime soon.
  • I don’t want to clean my bathroom right now, but I do have time and energy to just clean my toilet!
  • I don’t want to mow my front and back yard, but I could do half of it (or pick up dog poop to prep!)
  • I can’t face writing this paper, but I could write an outline.
  • I don’t have the energy to make dinner, but I could put on some rice to get cooking.

I hope you have a little more fun adulting today !

I love helping people to see, feel, and shift energetic patterns of draining energy, and help build more energy for the life they want to live! to learn more about in-person and virtual services.


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