Why Accepting Compliments Can Be Difficult


Accepting Compliments Builds
Your 4th Chakra Energy Battery

Love, Kindness and Compassion are meant to flow in both directions, giving and receiving, in a way that continually charges your 4th Chakra battery!

Do you have a hard time receiving compliments?

You may not feel that lovable BUT practicing receiving a compliment with a sincere smile and a Thank You can help you build your feeling of being lovable.

  • You may not believe people and their sincerity when giving you a compliment.  Your belief about their sincerity:
    • May be true
    • May not be true
    • May partially be true


  • In ANY of those cases: Receiving a compliment with a sincere smile and “Thank You” can really build your channels for receiving love, which in-turn can help you to want to be more kind and loving to others.
  • This simple practice can help charge and build the strength of this 4th chakra energy battery.


  • The practice includes accepting a compliment without:
    • Minimizing it: Oh this shirt, I got it at a garage sale.
    • Deflecting it: No, You are the one who is good at your job!
    • Accepting it without Sincerity: Well that is really kind of you to say (but saying it with a false smile and tone of voice that shows you don’t really believe it)


  • If the person did genuinely mean the compliment and you accepted it:
    • You may have strengthened your bond!
    • You may have helped that person feel better and lift their energy,  because giving feels good, especially when people appreciate our gifts of kindness.
    • You received more evidence that you are Lovable, and that gave your 4th Chakra battery more energy!


  • If you accepted the compliment and the person only partially or didn’t at all mean the compliment:
    • You stood in the position that you are lovable and extracted that from the moment!  Congratulations!  Masterfully done!
    • The other person can be left holding the energy of not meaning it. They can reflect upon and learn from that (potentially.  Maybe they will and maybe they won’t learn from it, but that isn’t your job, it’s theirs).

If you’d like help with any of these energy dynamics, I’d love to help.  I can help you see what limiting beliefs you are holding, help to energetically transform those beliefs, and find practical strategies in your daily life to keep your energy batteries charged!

What would it be like to feel energized about your life?!



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