New Akasha Book!

Spiritual Experiences of
Accessing the Infinite Intelligence of Our Souls

by Lisa Barnett – my Akashic Record teacher, with many contributing authors, including Me – Erika Osmann Mason!

I share my story about how my Akashic Record Keepers helped me to find peace with the passing of my brother and my Mom.  As many of you know, they were both very dear to me and I lost them in a short period of time.  You know how it is, spiritual friends, there are many gifts that unfold when we go through these difficult experiences.

Are you ready to access your journey of awakening?

Akashic Records teacher Lisa Barnett shares that the Akasha is the recording of all that exists and now it is yours to embrace in AKASHA: Spiritual Experiences of Accessing the Infinite Intelligence of Our Souls, the eleventh book in the exciting Common Sentience book series!

Move outside of time and space and enter the quantum field of the Akasha, where all that has happened, is happening, and will happen is energetically encoded in its domain.

Explore the infinite intelligence of your soul and embrace your personal Akashic wisdom. Discover what the Akasha is, who the Akashic Record Keepers are, and how this wisdom can support you on your journey. Understand why you write soul contracts to include karmic and service contracts; support contracts; and family contracts to include natural born and adopted children.

Learn five simple steps to access your Akashic Records and experience being guided, guarded, and protected with the Rainbow Shield and the Column of Light meditations. Use these tools and knowledge to clear trauma, release karma, and reclaim your gifts and the truth of who you are as a Divine and infinite soul.

You are a complex and ancient being looking to evolve. AKASHA will help you navigate your potential and immense personal library of knowledge!

Natalie Ledwell, bestselling author and founder of Mind Movies says, “If you have any doubt that the Akasha exists, I promise you will be a believer by the end of this book.”

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