Purpose of Light Filled Life Collective – Blog

Many of us recall that we are here for a purpose that broadly has to do with bringing more light and love to the planet.  During these times of rapid change, growth, turmoil, grace, growing strength and sense of more specificity of purpose, those who are on similar wavelengths are finding we are becoming part of a web of light and support for each other.  Some days we hold more light, and other days we struggle, but are reinsured by the light that others hold out like a beacon.

As we rise up into a higher vibration of 5th Dimensional Energy: “Unity Consciousness” or “Christ Consciousness,” we find that more than ever we are here to inspire, support, and validate each other as we awaken that we are so much more than we ever imagined.

In this blog, I will open the Akashic Records of the group: The Light Filled Life Collective.  Who is that group?  It will be whomever is drawn to read these posts.

Each post, I will draw upon the themes the Akashic Records Keepers have pointed out to me recently in the work I do in the records, open up questions that have been frequently been asked recently, or ask the Record Keepers for this group to simply share a message that is pertinent for the day.

You as a reader are always invited to share your wisdom, experiences, and add to the conversation.

With love and service,