Containing Your Own Creative Energy – or Changing the Posture of Forward Pelvic Thrust

The theme that has been repeating in my work this week is the posture of the forward pelvic thrust, and how to change this to better contain your own creative energy.

As in my stellar drawing above ;), you can see the person’s ankles, shoulders, and head are more or less in alignment, but their pelvis is thrusted forward.

Along with this physical pattern, there have been physical symptoms of

  • Sacroiliac joint pain (and/or pubic pain)
  • A feeling of “my belly really isn’t this big!” but why is it sticking out so much?,
  • Forward tilt of the pelvis (i.e. the iliac crests are in front of the pubic bone).

Some of the energetic / emotional feelings associated with this physical stance are:

  • A feeling of the one’s energy being depleted.
  • A feeling of having trouble keeping up with life obligations
  • Not having time for one’s self, or being able to find time for one’s self despite trying, or not having satisfying nurturing or creative self-time

What the Akashic Record Keepers have shown me, though each person has been a little different, is that there were energetic cords at the umbilical (2nd chakra) and pubic and/or coccygeal areas (1st chakra level).  By having these types of cords, you can give your creative energy, umbilical nurturing or mothering energy, or containment and grounded energy away to others.  Though there are ways we can support others, by giving away our own energy we deplete ourselves of those things in our own lives.

To shift this we went through a similar process of:  finding these energetic cords, getting permission to, and removing the cords, filling up with the person’s own Divine energy, and then establishing a new, healthier connection with the person with whom they had a cord.  After this there were some drastic physical and emotional changes.

You may enjoy looking sideways in a mirror and noticing how you usually stand, and if you feel you are giving this important creative, nurturing, and grounding energy away to others.  Just by changing your posture, you may notice a difference.

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