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The Akashic Records are a library of your soul’s experiences throughout time. These experiences have shaped you including your beliefs, fears, joys, talents, aspirations, intentions, and purposes.  There are stories in these records that can unlock keys to understanding yourself better.

Akashic Records Coaching is NOT a psychic reading, that will predict your future or tell you what you “should do.”  It Is an opportunity to connect with your Akashic Record Keepers, beings of light that want to empower you to make choices by helping you understand your soul purpose(s), and provide you with more clarity, vision, and healing, in order to help you grow as a soul.

Your openness and your questions determine what happens during the session. The information given will not predict the future, as the future relies on many free-will choices.  Future outcomes require work on your part to meet the challenges and suggestions offered in your best interest.  The future is not fixed, AND you have the power to create your future.  You can ask about future possibilities, and even visit possible future selves, to gain clarity about which choices feel the best for you.  

Your Akashic Record Keepers will ANSWER your questions based on HOW you ask them.   For example: If you ask “is this guy good for me?”  They may just say “yes.”  When you find out later that he broke your heart and stole $50 that was laying on your bedside table, you might think – he wasn’t good for me at all!  To which they might say, You have a habit of picking partners who take from you and do not respect you for who you are.  He was good for you, because now you have become aware of that habit, and can choose differently.  Now, are you ready to clear this habit?  Are you ready to work on some daily practices that we provide you with to help end this pattern?

However, if instead you ask “is this person I’m interested in having a relationship with someone who will: respect me and give to me as much as I bring to the relationship?  What areas will be challenges for us?  What areas will be easy for us?  Is he someone I can trust to be able to share my innermost secrets with?  Is he someone who will be gentle with my heart and connect with me from the heart?  What lessons does he have to learn to be able to be vibrations match with me?  Asking specific questions will bring you specific answers. (See more sample questions here!).

Erika can provide additional questions to help you make your questions more specific, but you are the one who has to choose them and come up with the basic questions. 

I cannot do consultations for people under 18 years of age, or open the records of anyone who is not present (including the deceased).

We can consult about you in relation to others such as:

  • if you have a contract you can release
  • if a relationship contract is fulfilled
  • if there are cords or other energetic ties that are draining you
  • if there is residue in relation to others you can now release
  • if we can connect with the higher self of those who have passed through your records. 

  Press here to get more examples of questions to ask during your Akashic Record consultation.

I met with Erika virtually in order to get a better sense and understanding of whether the anxiety that I have been feeling could be a result of something deeper, something that I may not even be aware of in my life. With her guidance through visualizations and through opening my Akashic records, we were able to uncover parts of where this may originate. After my first session with her, the anxiety that had so unwelcomely found a home in my chest melted away. She offered me tools to use for when this anxiety resurfaces and ways to continue my healing on my own. I left that session with a new sense of empowerment and clarity, and I can’t wait to continue this journey!

Lindsay S. New Jersey

Thank You Erika and the Akashic Masters for the insight and guidance that has literally changed my life, inside, which is where it must all begin.  It’s the first time I feel a greater understanding of my pain and I FINALLY feel healing of my heart beginning.  I’m really looking forward to implementing the strategies we discussed during our session to help bring more healing of various layers in my relationships, including with myself.  I’m finally looking forward to my life again!  Sending waves of Blessings and Love,

– Laura – Iowa

Erika has been able to help me move through a block that had been keeping me from accessing my own intuition and guides for years.  She is very uplifting and engaging as well as very professional during Akashic Record consultations.  Her ability to access my records brought me a deeper understanding of my Soul’s Journey and has helped me understand much that I needed to know.  Erika has been a huge help to me, and I continue to use her services.

I recommend Erika without hesitation.

Jim Teeter – Florida

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