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  • Read Below about how to Get the Most out of Your Akashic Record Consultation, and how to Prepare Your Questions.

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3) To prepare for your consultation, read the “Get the Most Out of Your Akashic Record Consultation” (scroll below) for a few tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions and answers to prepare you for this experience.

4) Prepare your questions for your consultation (scroll down the page for sample questions to guide you).

Get the Most Out of Your
Akashic Record Consultation

See About the Akashic Records and an Akashic Record Consultation for information about what a consultation is and is not.

Thank you for agreeing to participate in an Akashic Record Consultation with me.  I received my training from the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom

All appointments are approximately 1 hour long, and are done remotely through Zoom Meeting, or via phone if requested (United States phone numbers only). 

Please do not drink any alcohol (or take any other mind-altering substances) 12 hours prior to consultation. It lowers the body’s vibration and is more difficult to access information in the Akashic Records. (Caffeine is ok if you prefer to have it.)

If you have a set of headphones plugged into or bluetooth connected your computer (all headphones have a mic in them), we can hear each other the best.

This session is intended to provide general and inner developmental information only and is not intended as legal or financial advice, psychological or psychiatric counsel, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician or health care professional regarding particular health matters. Erika Osmann Mason and Light Filled Life disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from any information given or received in this consultation.

Thank you for the honor of serving you in this manner!

 Prepare Your Questions

Sample questions to help you prepare for our meeting include: 

  • What would be helpful for me to know about this (be specific) challenge or fear at this time? What is the root of this issue? What are my resources to resolve it? What soul lesson(s) can I learn from it?

  • How can I see and experience this issue as happening FOR me instead of TO me? What can I learn, gain, and how can I grow and thrive with this as a catalyst and support for my expansion?

  • What is the root(s) of my pain: physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually? What types of professionals, activities, lifestyle changes would support me moving out of pain and into living with more freedom and ease?  How did I get here?  What can I learn from my pain?

  • Is this person in my soul family? Do I have a soul contract with them? If yes, what is it about? Is this contract complete or is there something for me to do or learn? Do we have past lives together or is there something that can be cleared?

  • What resource(s) can I utilize to assist me with parenting? In my marriage or relationship? With my job?, etc?

  • Am I centered on my soul path? Is there something hidden or cloaked that is keeping me from achieving my soul’s desire? 

  • What do I need to know about this issue (be specific) to move forward? How do I bring this issue into resolution so it does not continue to bother me?

While we cannot ask questions about another person’s records (alive or dead), you can ask about your relationship to them such as:

  • What can I learn from this relationship (or relationship issue), and how can I grow from it?  

  • How can I make sense of this relationship issue?  

  • Is there an old block from my past that is keeping me from moving forward?  (What can I do to heal this?)

  • What you can do in relation to this person to have more harmony with them in my life?

  • Do I have any unfinished karmic or other business with this person?

  • Do I have any energetic cords, holes, or energetic wounds that I can work on healing?