Interested in an Akashic Records Consultation with Erika?

Here is what you need to do!

  1. Schedule your Consultation
  2. Pay for your consultation

  3. Return the Consent Form back to Erika

  4. Read the “Information about an Akashic Records Consultation” – a few tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions to prepare you for this experience!

  5. Prepare your questions for your consultation

  6. Click on the zoom link emailed to you when it is time for your consultation

More Details for items 1-6:

1. Schedule your Consultation

  • Click on to schedule an appointment.

  • All appointments are approximately 1 hour long, and are done remotely through Zoom Meeting.

  • Calendly scheduling will auto-detect your time zone so that you can see and schedule the available times on Erika’s calendar in your timezone.

  • If you need to Reschedule or Cancel:

    • Please give me at least 24 hour notice

    • Click the “View Event In Calendly” in blue at the bottom of the
      Calendly confirmation email you receive.

    • From that link you will see buttons on the left-hand side where you can cancel or reschedule your appointment.

2. Pay for your Consultation

           Thank you!

3. Send Consent Form to Erika

Prior to our meeting date, Please copy and email back the following to me at (this will be emailed to you when you set up your appointment through Calendly)

Consent Form for Practice Akashic Record reading Session with Erika Osmann Mason

Date of consultation: ____

Time of consultation: _____

Method for meeting: Zoom meeting.

Legal Name (First, Middle, Last that appears on your Driver’s License or PassPort):____________________

Address: ______________________________

Phone: (  ) _____________________

Email Address: _________________________

How did you hear about me? _________________

Do you believe in past lives? __________

Typed name serving as your signature _____________________________

If you would like to send me some of your questions ahead of time, please do!

4. Information about an Akashic Record Consultation:

Thank you for agreeing to participate in an Akashic Record Consultation with me.  I received my training from the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.  (Click here for more information if you are interested in learning more about the school and my training process)

Sessions will generally take about an hour.

Please do not drink any alcohol (or take any other mind-altering substances) 12 hours prior to consultation. It lowers the body’s vibration and is more difficult to access information in the Akashic Records. (Caffeine is ok if you prefer to have it.)

If you have a set of headphones plugged into or bluetooth connected your computer (all headphones have a mic in them), we can hear each other the best

The “Akashic Records” are the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. They are the recording of a Soul’s journey from its inception to the present, and point to the possibilities of its spiritual development. The Akashic Field is referenced in most religions of the world. I use a Sacred Prayer to open your Akashic Records. Information from your Akashic Records is offered with the greatest honor, integrity and love and is meant to assist you in growing personally and spiritually for your highest good and healing. All counsel given and received in this session will be kept confidential.

An Akashic Records consultation is NOT a psychic reading!  What that means for you, is that though your Akashic Guides are interested in helping you on your free-will journey of learning.  If you ask about the future or for them to guess what is happening in your life, trying to trick the fortune teller, you may find this a waste of your time and money.  This is not meant to be fortune telling, but to provide you with insight, resolution, and clarity with the questions and issues that are important to you in your life.   

To a large extent, your openness and your questions determine what happens during the session. The information given is not intended as “what will happen in the future” and sometimes requires work on your part to meet the challenges and suggestions offered in your best interest.  The future is not fixed and you have the power to create your future.
        They will answer your questions based on how you ask them.   For example: If you ask “is this guy good for me?”  They may just say “yes.”  When you find out later that he broke your heart and stole $50 that was laying on your bedside table, you might think – he wasn’t good for me at all!  To which they might say, “you have had a habit of picking partners who take from you and do not respect you for who you are.  Now, are you ready to clear this habit?  Are you ready to work on some daily practices that we provide you with to help end this pattern?
If instead you ask “is this person I’m interested in having a relationship with someone who will: respect me and give to me as much as I bring to the relationship?  What areas will be challenges for us?  What areas will be easy for us?  Is he someone I can trust to be able to share my innermost secrets with?  Is he someone who will be gentle with my heart and connect with me from the heart?  What lessons does he have to learn to be able to be vibrations match with me?  Then you will get much more clear answers.
Erika will sometimes provide additional questions to help you make your questions more specific, but you are the one who has to choose them and come up with the basic format.

You do not have to send your questions ahead of time, but you are welcome to email your questions in advance if you like (  That way Erika can print them out and have them handy.

This session is intended to provide general and inner developmental information only and is not intended as legal or financial advice, psychological or psychiatric counsel, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician or health care professional regarding particular health matters. Erika Osmann Mason and Light Filled Life disclaims any liability arising directly or indirectly from any information given or received in this consultation.

Thank you for the honor of serving you in this manner!

5. Prepare Your Questions:

Questions guide our consultation – this is not a psychic reading…
Sample questions to help you prepare for our meeting include: 

  • What would be helpful for me to know about this (be specific) challenge or fear at this time? What is the root of this issue? What are my resources to resolve it? What soul lesson(s) can I learn from it?

  • How can I see and experience this issue as happening FOR me instead of TO me? What can I learn, gain, and how can I grow and thrive with this as a catalyst and support for my expansion?

  • What is the root(s) of my pain: physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually? What types of professionals, activities, lifestyle changes would support me moving out of pain and into living with more freedom and ease?  How did I get here?  What can I learn from my pain?

  • Is this person in my soul family? Do I have a soul contract with them? If yes, what is it about? Is this contract complete or is there something for me to do or learn? Do we have past lives together or is there something that can be cleared?

  • What resource(s) can I utilize to assist me with parenting? In my marriage or relationship? With my job?, etc?

  • Am I centered on my soul path? Is there something hidden or cloaked that is keeping me from achieving my soul’s desire? 

  • What do I need to know about this issue (be specific) to move forward? How do I bring this issue into resolution so it does not continue to bother me?

While we cannot ask questions about another person’s records (alive or dead), you can ask about your relationship to them such as:

  • What can I learn from this relationship (or relationship issue), and how can I grow from it?  

  • How can I make sense of this relationship issue?  

  • Is there an old block from my past that is keeping me from moving forward?  (What can I do to heal this?)

  • What you can do in relation to this person to have more harmony with them in my life?

  • Do I have any unfinished karmic or other business with this person?

  • Do I have any energetic cords, holes, or energetic wounds that I can work on healing?