New Akasha Book!

Spiritual Experiences of
Accessing the Infinite Intelligence of Our Souls

by Lisa Barnett – my Akashic Record teacher, with many contributing authors, including Me – Erika Osmann Mason!

I share my story about how my Akashic Record Keepers helped me to find peace with the passing of my brother and my Mom.  As many of you know, they were both very dear to me and I lost them in a short period of time.  You know how it is, spiritual friends, there are many gifts that unfold when we go through these difficult experiences.

Are you ready to access your journey of awakening?

Akashic Records teacher Lisa Barnett shares that the Akasha is the recording of all that exists and now it is yours to embrace in AKASHA: Spiritual Experiences of Accessing the Infinite Intelligence of Our Souls, the eleventh book in the exciting Common Sentience book series!

Move outside of time and space and enter the quantum field of the Akasha, where all that has happened, is happening, and will happen is energetically encoded in its domain.

Explore the infinite intelligence of your soul and embrace your personal Akashic wisdom. Discover what the Akasha is, who the Akashic Record Keepers are, and how this wisdom can support you on your journey. Understand why you write soul contracts to include karmic and service contracts; support contracts; and family contracts to include natural born and adopted children.

Learn five simple steps to access your Akashic Records and experience being guided, guarded, and protected with the Rainbow Shield and the Column of Light meditations. Use these tools and knowledge to clear trauma, release karma, and reclaim your gifts and the truth of who you are as a Divine and infinite soul.

You are a complex and ancient being looking to evolve. AKASHA will help you navigate your potential and immense personal library of knowledge!

Natalie Ledwell, bestselling author and founder of Mind Movies says, “If you have any doubt that the Akasha exists, I promise you will be a believer by the end of this book.”

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How to Charge your Chakra Energy Batteries and
get the MOST out of your Vacation or Staycation!

It’s Summer Vacation Season!  I hope you are able to take some time off (even for just a day) and can get what you are needing during your special time off.

Are you needing recharging, a new perspective, inspiration, an adventure, getting out of your daily routine, to see something new, or something else fun and juicy?

Here are some energy charging questions that can help you prepare for and get the most out of your vacation.

What is YOUR Intention for your vacation?

Have you thought about what needs you are hoping your vacation will fulfill?

How can you make plans to meet these needs?

Already have plans? Great!  Take a moment to review them and think about if your plans are likely to meet your energy needs.  If you’re not sure, read on!

Which of your Chakra Energy Batteries are Needing Recharged?

Here are some reflection questions to prepare for your vacation and help you find out.  There are many questions here to reflect different battery needs.  See which questions make you curious!

1st  Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

Does connecting with the Earth or nature fill you up? If so, what ways can you make time and space for that on your vacation?

Is there a place in nature or on the planet that draws you or you feel will energize you, trigger important ideas, or helpful perspectives?

What grounds you when you travel?

Are there some creature comforts from home or that you can tap into during your vacation that can help you feel grounded while you are out of your comfort zone and regular routines?

How can you balance your need for vacation freedom within a comfortable financial budget?


2nd Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

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Why Accepting Compliments Can Be Difficult


Accepting Compliments Builds
Your 4th Chakra Energy Battery

Love, Kindness and Compassion are meant to flow in both directions, giving and receiving, in a way that continually charges your 4th Chakra battery!

Do you have a hard time receiving compliments?

You may not feel that lovable BUT practicing receiving a compliment with a sincere smile and a Thank You can help you build your feeling of being lovable.

  • You may not believe people and their sincerity when giving you a compliment.  Your belief about their sincerity:
    • May be true
    • May not be true
    • May partially be true

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Containing Your Energy, Part 2

Transforming Draining Tasks into Energizing Ones!

Do you ever feel your energy sinking just thinking about something on your “to do” list?

I can think of countless times that I’ve done that!  My first chakra (practical, grounded. part) is one of my more challenging energy centers.  So – I’m not an efficiency expert or coming from a place of mastery in this area.  I am passionate about growing and being more energized in my life, and helping others do the same.

I’m writing this blog entry because it’s not something that comes naturally or easily for me.  Because it’s difficult, I celebrate every little “win” in this area.  Maybe you feel the same way.  Or maybe you’re great at this – and would love to comment and share some of your wisdom.   All are welcome!  🙂

How Do You Make Adulting Tasks More Fun and Energizing?

Please comment with some of the ways you do this!  We can all learn from each other.  Here are a few ideas:

Shift your PERSPECTIVE about a task

  • If I clean out my closet, I can make room for something new that I love!
  • Cleaning brings in fresh energy and I’ll make it fun by dancing around to a great playlist as I clean!
  • Sorting through this pile will help me concentrate better.

Change the WAY you do it

  • I’m going to bike to do my errands, because the thought of driving around to several places just sounds exhausting (and I keep avoiding it)! This way I get fresh air, exercise, and quality time with my sweetie.
  • Don’t want to stretch? Do it while watching TV.   Maybe it won’t be the purest yoga experience, but at least your body will feel better!
  • Craving a snack? Take an extra minute and make something just a little (or a lot) healthier.  You might feel better afterwards rather than guilty.

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Containing Your Energy, Part 1

What does the phrase, Contain Your Energy mean to you?  In a recent vacation in New Zealand – Aotearoa, I received this message from my guides many times, in many different ways.  This and other messages have been percolating for a few weeks now.

Containing Your Energy has many implications, and I will be writing a new blog series about it which will include a sort of spiritual travelogue and share some of the wonderful insights that being in such pristine nature provided.  I hope that it will be helpful for more than just me.  I’ve already been integrating new layers of learning into my work with others.

Containing Your Energy means many things to me.  The first way I’d like to talk about it is seeing it as – How are You Giving Your Energy Away in ways that do not support your intentions?  I coach people often this concept, with the help of the Akashic Record Keepers and guides, when I perceive leaks, cords, holes, and incongruent beliefs in people’s chakras and auric field.  We help people to see and understand these patterns more clearly, shift the energy, and find strategies, habits and routines that can create a new way of being.  Some of this change can happen in an instant and some of it takes time and practice to implement into one’s life.  In my experience, personal growth is a consciousness project with practices that help to us to become more and more expansive.  Those little reminders that to do this instead of that can make a huge difference in how we experience life.  Daily practices based on our current awareness of who we are and how we want to be help us to focus and contain our energy within those intentions.

Here are some examples of Containing Your Energy challenges that I have seen in myself and other people:

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Giving Yourself Permission to Hang up the “Temporarily Unavailable” Sign


Have you ever wanted to hang up a sign like this?  I recently got the flu and then a secondary infection that took a lot of my energy and attention, and I found myself just wanting to post this sign everywhere so I could duck and cover.  I did a version of that, and people were wonderfully understanding.

Most people have those times where you get the message: You need to take a break from everyone and everything NOW!  We have some deep healing to do.  Love, your Divine team.  

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What’s Next For You?


Perspective is everything isn’t it… it can completely change how we feel about ourselves, our lives, and what is possible.

In a special session yesterday, a message came through that a woman had already accomplished all her soul had come here to do.  She has worked so hard all of her life, but didn’t see how far she had come!  It was such an honor to brainstorm with her and and her record keepers to identify her new soul intention that includes a lot more fun.

We often have several waves of soul intentions.  When we accomplish one intention, another follows because our souls love the feeling of growing and expanding into more joy, grace, and fulfillment.

What is next for you?