Containing Your Energy, Part 1

What does the phrase, Contain Your Energy mean to you?  In a recent vacation in New Zealand – Aotearoa, I received this message from my guides many times, in many different ways.  This and other messages have been percolating for a few weeks now.

Containing Your Energy has many implications, and I will be writing a new blog series about it which will include a sort of spiritual travelogue and share some of the wonderful insights that being in such pristine nature provided.  I hope that it will be helpful for more than just me.  I’ve already been integrating new layers of learning into my work with others.

Containing Your Energy means many things to me.  The first way I’d like to talk about it is seeing it as – How are You Giving Your Energy Away in ways that do not support your intentions?  I coach people often this concept, with the help of the Akashic Record Keepers and guides, when I perceive leaks, cords, holes, and incongruent beliefs in people’s chakras and auric field.  We help people to see and understand these patterns more clearly, shift the energy, and find strategies, habits and routines that can create a new way of being.  Some of this change can happen in an instant and some of it takes time and practice to implement into one’s life.  In my experience, personal growth is a consciousness project with practices that help to us to become more and more expansive.  Those little reminders that to do this instead of that can make a huge difference in how we experience life.  Daily practices based on our current awareness of who we are and how we want to be help us to focus and contain our energy within those intentions.

Here are some examples of Containing Your Energy challenges that I have seen in myself and other people:

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Giving Yourself Permission to Hang up the “Temporarily Unavailable” Sign


Have you ever wanted to hang up a sign like this?  I recently got the flu and then a secondary infection that took a lot of my energy and attention, and I found myself just wanting to post this sign everywhere so I could duck and cover.  I did a version of that, and people were wonderfully understanding.

Most people have those times where you get the message: You need to take a break from everyone and everything NOW!  We have some deep healing to do.  Love, your Divine team.  

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What’s Next For You?


Perspective is everything isn’t it… it can completely change how we feel about ourselves, our lives, and what is possible.

In a special session yesterday, a message came through that a woman had already accomplished all her soul had come here to do.  She has worked so hard all of her life, but didn’t see how far she had come!  It was such an honor to brainstorm with her and and her record keepers to identify her new soul intention that includes a lot more fun.

We often have several waves of soul intentions.  When we accomplish one intention, another follows because our souls love the feeling of growing and expanding into more joy, grace, and fulfillment.

What is next for you?


Neck Pain Related to Past Lives

In an Akashic Record Coaching virtual session, Rosalie (name and other personal details changed for privacy.  Shared with permission.) said that her neck had been hurting all week.  She had been trying all sorts of things to help it feel better: stretches, exercises, herbal remedies, topical lotions, and E-stim.  All of those things helped, but she was still waking up every morning with her neck feeling really stiff.  Neck pain wasn’t usually an issue for her, and she thought something was affecting her on a spiritual – energetic level.

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Filling Your Cups: Self-Care and the Chakras, Chakra 7

(Artwork Courtesy of Canva)

      The Seventh Chakra is found at the crown of the head. Some see it as a 144 petaled lotus which is waiting in ready to bloom, and open to unite with the brilliance of the Divine. Quality of connection at this chakra can be supported by the quality of connection (and self-care we are doing) at the rest of our major physical chakras of the body. This highest of our seven chakras inspires us to unite within ourselves to the Divine source, as the first chakra helps us to be grounded, practical, and in the physical. Both are important. The 7th Chakra is where we discover and continue to expand into our connection with the Divine. “It is also our ‘grace bank account’ the warehouse for the energy we mass through kind thoughts and actions, and through acts of faith and prayer (Myss, 1996, p. 265).

The Vedic tradition teaches that there are three main paths to the Divine: the path of knowledge or Jyana, the path of spiritual devotion or Bhakti, and the path of selfless service or Karma. These 3 paths can translate to any spiritual path or religion. The path of knowledge is often thought of as being found through the study of sacred teachings and texts; it is a path of the mind. Spiritual devotion engages the heart through practices such as chanting or singing holy songs, prayerfulness and kindness. Selfless service involves performing acts of compassion without attachment to outcome or reciprocity, as a way of serving the Divine that is seen as being within all beings. You may relate to one or all of these paths, or other paths to having a relationship with the Divine. Another way that many feel connected to the Divine is through group worship and study, such as through churches, synagogues, temples, or spiritual groups. Others feel connected when in the splendor of natural places. Being around animals or children can remind people of the purity of life, and help them to feel closer to the Divine. There are countless ways of meditating to seek inner connection with Source. What way or ways do you find work the best for you?

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Filling Your Cups: Self-Care and the Chakras, Chakra 6

Self-Care for the Sixth Chakra: BE INSIGHTFUL

 (Artwork Courtesy of Canva)

The sixth chakra is also commonly known as the 3rd Eye. This is where we have vision to see into things deeper than the surface level. We can engage this chakra to delve into the secrets of life, understand concepts and situations in a more comprehensive way, and see how things are connected in the bigger picture of life and our place within it. In this energy center, we wake up more and more to see beyond the paths we were told to follow to see what is true for ourselves. We can open our eyes to see the truths that are hidden in plain sight. We find deeper purpose and meaning in all that is presented. Engaging the power of this chakra, thought can become more and more conscious.

The sixth chakra involves our mental and reasoning abilities, and our psychological skill at evaluating our beliefs and attitudes. The Mind chakra resonates to the energies of our psyches, our conscious and unconscious psychological forces” (Myss, 1996, p. 237). This chakra connects us with intellectual thoughts and our personal interests and motivations. The forehead part of the brain is where the prefrontal cortex of the brain resides, which is where the brain performs executive functioning. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for processes of motivation, spatial memory, focus, thinking, calculating, and serves as the “inspiration area,” and personality center, connecting with the emotional processing centers more central to the brain (Grujičić, 2021). The pituitary gland in conjunction with the hypothalamus direct the glands of the body, which are in charge of the hormones and chemical production in the body (Grujičić, 2021).

The pineal gland is the gate to the mystical. Zina Hany (2020), who has a background in pharmacology, and who is a public health expert, educator, researcher and lover of meditation states that, “According to theosophy, our third eye is a pea-sized endocrine gland nestling just below the center of the forehead called ‘pineal gland’. This mystic gland (which corresponds to the sixth chakra ‘Ajna’) is considered to be a psycho-physiological center that has physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. The enigmatic gland allows a diverse perception beyond ordinary sight.” She continues to explain that the pineal gland has more blood flow (per cubic volume) than any other organ, which also means it is biologically set up to have more concentrated energy than any other place in the body. The pineal gland produces metaphysical neurochemicals including melatonin, DMT, Seratonin, and Pinoline which are responsible for sleep, dreaming, cognitive function, mood regulation, visions and more (Hany, 2020).

When we think of the 6th Chakra as an energy battery, and one that may need to be fed with Self-Care in order to stay “charged,” important questions include:

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Filling Your Cups: Self-Care and the Chakras, Chakra 5

Self-Care for the Fifth Chakra:
Listen and Be Heard

(Image Courtesy of Canva)

            The Fifth Chakra holds the energy and issues surrounding Communication. Often you’ll hear the term speaking your truth, when referring to the Fifth Chakra. While that is a very important part of this energy center, listening, and really paying attention to what someone is communicating (as well as paying attention to what they aren’t saying, and the feeling tone of those words) is an equally important part of this soul center or chakra. Good communication is made up of the two: Expressing Receiving the nuances of communication.

Communication can be challenging. Public speaking is a very common deeply-held fear for the majority of people. Speaking to someone about feelings can be very scary at times. Ghosting is when someone chooses to just disappear than to say (or even text) “I don’t want to interact with you anymore” and face challenging communication and feelings. Sometimes people don’t want to hear or don’t have the capacity to understand what we have to say. Addressing loaded topics, finding the strength and courage to speak about something important to you, or finding the right worlds can be very difficult. It can also be challenging to listen to things that one doesn’t want to hear. It can be challenging, for some, to listen at all. It requires presence and much more. Many people are usually skilled more at speaking or listening. Which is easier for you? While some of these things may come naturally, you will most likely find there is always room to grow. It is now so much more common to text, social media chat or communicate in a way that isn’t physical face to physical face. What does that tell us about our society’s willingness and ability to interface with emotions?

Self-care for this chakra is also really important. The physical and energetic area associated with this chakra is the throat, neck, and jaw and I find it also encompasses the ears. Physical tension, pain, and other issues in these areas may point to issues on an energetic level with this chakra.

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