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Distance Guided Meditation and energy work session:

$111 suggested donation


Over the phone or via skype, we will visit about your intention for your long-distance energy session.  Examples of intensions are: finding clarity about a physical, emotional, mental, or emotional (or the overlap of these) issue, assistance in clearing, honing in on the life and soul messages that have been coming to you, and/or determining your next steps in manifesting the life you want.

You will then lay down in a comfortable place in your home and I will sit at my massage table, and proceed as if you were there on my table.  With the phone on speaker, we can then talk about sensations and energetic patterns, images, and messages that we experience.  Afterwards, we will spend some time processing your experience, and helping to clarify how you can integrate your new insights into your daily life.  This process will take approximately an hour.



I was very interested to try a long distance craniosacral therapy session. During the session, Erika would tell me where she was going to place her hands as I settled into a supine position. I was amazed that as she verbalized her perceptions I was simultaneously experiencing sensations in my body. I felt my nervous system calm with more ease then I would be able to achieve on my own. Points of clarity came into my awareness as, under Erika‘s guidance I was able to somatically be reminded of them before the busy-ness of life could erode them from my consciousness. She was able to connect with me energetically as tho she were right in the room with me!  I believe regular sessions like this would definitely be beneficial for my mind and body health!

               A.S. – Colorado