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Erika is a Certified Akashic Records Consultant and Healer through the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, and works with the Akashic Records specializing in pain-relief: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, to empower individuals in living a life filled with purpose. Her powerful, holistic healing methods work with the body’s inner wisdom and soul’s information to move from pain and uncertainty into a more harmonious relationship with the Self. At the center of pain, await the keys to greater ease and harmony with life. This journey may take us into your past, past lives (on this and other planets), your ancestral roots, and even into the future, to clear, reclaim, and explore what you need to create the best version of yourself.

Erika’s Akashic Record consultations also specialize in working with relationships including assisting with: identifying precise areas where there is harmony and disharmony in your current or past relationships; learning about soul contracts (current, past, or potential future); clearing cords, energy blocks, and outdated contracts; and identifying the personal work that cam unlock the keys to receiving the love you deserve.

Practicing in holistic health since 2001, Erika brings a blend of science and spiritual knowing to her work. She has a BA in Psychology, and MS in Occupational Therapy. She currently practices as an Occupational Therapist in Colorado.

In an Akashic Record consultation, she brings her passion for assisting people with their spiritual growth, and experience she has gathered providing occupational therapy, massage therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, and teaching yoga, to help you find your next steps on your healing journey. She lives in Northern Colorado.  


In my experience, the Art of a true Healer is one who is fully present and open within the healing space of the receiver.  One who responds to the needs of the body and spirit, ever aware and facilitating, within the Divine realms of Compassion, Love, and Light.  Erika has become a true master of this sacred Art.  Over the last 20 years of gratefully receiving her exquisite energy work, so much of my experience has been validated through our sessions.  As I’ve journeyed into the inner and outer realms with Erika, she is able to ‘read’ my experience in real time.  While the healing process is unfolding and I’m receiving a vision, message, sensation, or releasing something, she is verbally and energetically responding to what has risen.  Her power of interpretation and ability to co-process the information with her client is powerful.  It is through this gift, as well as her ever-present, loving intentions, that I and many others have experienced deep, lasting healing.
Jenn W. – Maryland

I had a major breakthrough after my first Akashic Record session with Erika.  I felt an enormous amount of energy and ease that helped me to stop a daily, addictive habit that for years I had been berating myself for mercilessly.  I had been in a stuck, looping pattern and the session helped open me up to a new energy system within my body.  Within days I was able to easily stop my old habit completely and put that energy into healthier habits that I feel great about now.  I have felt like a new person!
Kelly – Colorado

Erika’s work with Akashic records has been life-changing for me.  Together we have gone backwards on my timeline to heal traumas from the past as well as forwards to look at possible futures. This helped me find the courage to quit my job, move across country, and open up my own practice.  Her guidance through these realms has provided me with not only a feeling of grounding but also a confidence which is unlike anything I have felt before.  During each consultation, I have learned something new about myself and felt a sense of peace and calm.  My body, mind and soul are extremely grateful for Erika’s guidance and ability to elegantly connect with my soul. You are a rockstar!  Thanks for all of your help!
 Emily W. – Maine

I am so very blessed to have Erika in my life! Whenever I have a challenge or change in my life I contact her and get a reading. It has really made me feel good about the choices I make.  I know that it has made my life the best life I can have. Before working with Erika I was repeating the same patterns.  I am now able to break through repetitive patterns and live my life purpose. Thank you Erika fir helping me find peace, better relationships, and helping me fulfill my life purpose.
Brianna, Y. – Colorado

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