Nature’s essence


Nature has a great capacity for sharing it’s love with us.  In fact, it can share a variety of feeling states.  I have been developing the ability through a very simple, but profound practice that has evolved through paying attention to my higher self and guides, to be able to instantly connect with divine joy, love, appreciation, and wonder.  My ability to hold onto it varies, but it continues to be a regular practice.  What is much more difficult for me, is connecting to calmness.  I have a genetic predisposition to get particularly anxious at times.  Though yoga, visualizations, breathing, meditation, being aware of my repetitive thoughts, using affirmations, and a variety of other things, I have learned to mitigate it, but there are times that it can take me awhile to get out of that state, once I am triggered, to calm down.  I had the realization while sitting by a favorite tree, why can’t I also instantly connect with divine calmness?  I would like to develop that capacity.  Why can’t we humans instantly connect to any feeling state we desire?

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Discomfort is the Catalyst of Change

light shadow

To those of us committed to personal growth, change is nearly a constant state of being.  The need for change can be felt subtly, like an inner tug that begins to pull at the conscious mind, beaconing self-reflection to note that something feels outgrown and tight, like children’s clothing that no longer fits.  Other times the need for change can be overt, like a slap in the face, that tells us that we are not on track!  The process of changing can be painful, but change can be a birthing process that leads to a more expansive and enriching experience of life.  Being stuck is also rather painful.  And so there one sits between the proverbial rock and hard place… do you choose change and going through the difficult place of moving the rock, or stay stuck between the rock and hard place because it is a known discomfort?

Because change is how we expand and evolve, embracing the process as a part of life can reduce the resistance and discomfort.  When I first recognize that something is changing, there is some initial resistance, and I can hear myself thinking with some sarcasm, “Oh joy, here we go again!” It’s at that first moment of detecting that shift is happening that I realize, I have a choice to embrace change or to resist it.  Here are some of the strategies and steps that can help with embracing change.

  1. The Change Epiphany: Realizing something needs to change

Discomfort can be a wake up call.  The first step of consciously relating to change is realizing that something in one’s life is no longer effective or could be better.  When we realize that something is broken, then there is a choice to consciously ignore it or go about the process of fixing it.  For example, we can allow our faucet to continue to spray water everywhere and keep cleaning up the mess, or fix the leak at the source.  Similarly, we can allow our fears or anger to spray out into our interactions with others, or we can begin to face and heal those wounds at the source.  

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The shift continues…

Sun through clouds 2   

Last Saturday we had another eclipse.  I really do not follow eclipses, solar flares and other celestial events – but I usually can tell when I can’t sleep, and when my nervous system is handling more energy than it knows how to process, that there is a cosmic contributor.  If you are one of these sensitive souls, the good news is, these cosmic events can really catapult our lives in a positive direction when we have a conscious intention during the shift.  We have a choice.  We can be victims, go a little batty with not sleeping and the feeling the nervous system buzz that won’t quiet down, feel like our lives are falling apart at the seams (on a rather regular basis lately), OR we can use intention to harness this energy for change in a direction that serves the higher good.  Here’s an example:

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Another Big Shift


The recent eclipse we experienced at the end of July facilitated much clearing.  For the week or so before that, many of us were feeling a great need to purge things that were no longer fitting the vision we had for our life.  I felt like my cells were releasing toxins and poisons from old belief systems (and okay, foods that I have on my “cheat days” too!).
I felt very itchy, anxious, and extremely irritated for a week and a half, followed by musculoskeletal pain and spinal misalignment.  Like a circuit breaker that keeps a surge of energy from frying our electronics, the vertebrae can sometimes go out of alignment as new waves of energy fill our nervous and energy channels, that are most potent along the spine.  Some epsom salt baths and a visit to the chiropractor assisted me in that process to realign.

Many of us have had to work very hard to breathe through this time of intense change!

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