About Erika


The short version…. I’ll work on writing that up.  For now, I just have a long version for anyone who is interested in reading it!


I have spent most of my life as a spiritual seeker, putting first my desire to understand my higher self and life’s omens, symbols, and messages and to practice living in harmony with those spiritual insights. Growing up, I often felt different, like I was from “another planet.”  I found my peace riding horses in nearby mountains and fields, being in nature, creating art, and writing.  Art was the doorway for discovering my spiritual self, which lead to exploring different types of spiritual paths and healing modalities.

While doing a work exchange one summer at The Omega Institute, I repeatedly heard the word “healing” as an answer to the question I had been holding, “what is my life purpose.”  From there I was lead to The Naropa Institute (now The Naropa University) in Boulder, CO, to complete my BA in Psychology with an an emphasis on “health and healing.”  I found my next step!  Here I got to explore classes like Gestalt Therapy, Tibetan Medicine, meditation, Chinese Medicine, African Marimba music, dance therapy, music therapy, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.  Every class, even my music class, required a journal to notice how I was personally affected by the learning experiences.  My natural propensity for self-exploration was intensified!

During my six years in Boulder, I attended a thirteen month shamanic journeying apprenticeship, and also studied rituals, music, and healing of African and other cultures.  I became fascinated with the Shona people of Zimbabwe, and immersed myself in learning their music, which for the Shona people is a means for opening a porthole to connect with their ancestors and healing spirits.  During this time, I was blessed to take part in multiple ceremonies in the U.S., and in Zimbabwe to assist in healing and connecting me with my ancestors.  While in Zimbabwe in 1998, I experienced my first “light codes,” which I had no term for then, but I saw several different symbols that were on “fire” in front of my eyes, and like they were emblazoned on a pair of sunglasses, moved with eyes and were part of everything I saw for over a week.

“Healing” has continued to be an important word to me, and have sought to find a way to be a part of people’s healing journeys.  I became certified massage therapist at the Baltimore School of Massage (600 hours), and registered yoga teacher, through The Expanding Light Yoga Center (200 hours), and a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist through the Wellness Institute (a two year program).  I also became a Reiki master and became certified to practice Jin Shin Jyutsu, another type of energy-based healing work.  After teaching and practicing in a variety of places, my then husband I and I opened, “The Expanding Heart Center,” in Maryland, a space where I and various wellness practitioners and teachers shared their work.  During this time I developed my ability for assisting people through energetic-based work to find healing through the spiritual and emotional messages often found in places of pain and disharmony in the body.  The practice of offering massage, energy work, and teaching yoga assisted me in learning how to connect with something in every person that I  appreciate.

During this time in the early 2000’s, I began to feel upgrades to my nervous system and energetic shifts.  I would often feel like there was more light coming through my circuits than I could handle.  There would be an uncomfortable feeling for a week or so, with various symptoms such as anxiety, not sleeping well, irritation, and be followed by a relief and an increased ability to feel love, connectedness, joy.

I yearned to feel “magic” in everyday life.  While connecting with energy and feeling profound energetic shifts within yoga and through providing energy work sessions that incorporated Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and at times Shamanic work,  was wonderfully fulfilling, I began to want to feel manifestation of energy in action.  I became drawn to horses and had the opportunity to briefly study with author and equine clinician Carolyn Resnick, and for nearly two years worked closely with equine clinician, Caroline Rider, http://www.riderhorsemanship.com.  During this time I learned more about how attuned horses are to energy and intention, and how to ride and work with horses “at liberty” (without any ropes or gadgets, where they are free within an arena or pasture to be with you and dance with you or run away).  This was a profound way to experience connection and relationship through intention and energy.

A profound learning experience followed during this time in the form of a riding accident, and after breaking 9 bones, I felt literally “broken.”  I realized, it was time at the age of 37, to become more practical.  During this time my husband and I divorced, and I let go of the idea of fulfilling my spirit first, and living a creative life – which had also been linked to one of financial struggle.  I vowed to become financially independent and secure.  I obtained my MS in Occupational Therapy, and started my career in healthcare.  I had to face my fear that I couldn’t “make it” in “the real world.”  During this time I felt the sense of success that I was able to work hard to make this dream become true, however I had little energy for spiritual pursuits.  My horse riding injury also made it difficult to do yoga or many other activities without reinjuring my back and shoulder, which would often leave me and my body in spasms and pain for days.  Even when I was careful, I often hurt myself.  My job is physically, emotionally, and mentally tiring, and while I have meditated sporadically, I often felt myself tired and depleted.  However, the times that I did make for connecting within, I received information on different practices that evolved.  For months at a time, my daily practice would consist of meditating and doing breathwork on my commute to and from work.  I continued to expand and bask in the glow of feeling loved and loving all that is, and finding inspiration in reading the posts and offerings of different healers, wayshowers, and wise ones.

I have always felt that I have something to offer that is unique.  Though it has its roots in Craniosacral therapy, and shamanic practices, it expands from there into something that is always unique depending on whom I am sharing the work with.  For those who are on their conscious journey of awakening, whether you call it spiritual evolution, ascension, personal growth, or something else, we can all use some support from time to time.

Many wise wayshowers teach us about the 5th Dimension, a higher vibrational state that our planet and inhabitants are waking up and rising up into.  This state is often described as “Unity Consciousness,” and “Christ Consciousness.”  As we leave 3rd  Dimensional consciousness behind, we leave behind feelings of duality: “us/them,” “good/bad,” “right/wrong,” feelings of separateness and related fear, lack, anger, and worry.  We shift  toward the 5th Dimension as we clear out these old beliefs that hold us back.  Along the way there is much healing and clearing to do to release these old beliefs and embrace more light and love.  Solar flares and ever-increasing light have been bathing our plant for years.  While I can’t profess to grasp all of the cosmic nuances, I have felt these intense episodes of healing and clearing and a process of continually embracing more and more light, love, and joy.

While I fully believe that as we evolve into and reside in higher planes of consciousness, we move away from the need for spiritual teachers and rely more on our own inner wisdom.  During the journey, however, there are times when we leave the known and take the leap of faith into the unknown … it can feel like we are floating in the ocean with out the shore behind us in sight, and no shore yet before us.  These times can test our faith.  Often, I feel that practices that helped me keep connected in the path do not quite help enough.  I can feel groundless, scared, alone.  I have been through this process enough times now though, that I recognize that I am floating in the right direction and I will find a new sense of “home” soon.  During these times I am called to stretch, listen, be present to what life is telling me.  Soon, new practices and ways of connecting to All That Is arise.  During these times of change, I often rely on teachings, posts, soul friends to assist in keeping me connected.  I have found it invaluable to have support as I go through healing shifts, to assist me in staying present with the profound and sometime uncomfortable and strange feelings of shift, to validate the experience, and assist in bringing meaning to periods of disorientation and intense change.  I hold that place of guidance and support to my soul friends when they go through these times.  I feel guided to now offer that support to others, through this blog, and long-distance energy work sessions.  Services