About Light-Filled Life

About Light-Filled Life

The intention for Light Filled Life is to communicate about the changes we humans may be experiencing as our planet, people, and nature beings are all ascending, elevating, and advancing to higher level frequencies. Many Way Showers call this a shift from 3-Dimensional (3D) or duality consciousness (good/evil, right/wrong, us/them) into states of Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or 5th Dimensional energy (and 6th D and beyond).

While that may or may not make sense – many of us are feeling intense shifts, which can sometimes be triggered by solar flares, eclipses, and other celestial events. These shifts can feel at times extremely uncomfortable with symptoms of headaches, feeling like your skin is itchy, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, body aches and pains, nausea, a 24 hour flu… among other symptoms. We are all unique. Thankfully, usually following these periods of a days or weeks of discomfort, is a period of intensified love for life, peace, harmony, and connectedness. These shifts are opportunities for expansion into a more Light-Filled Life!

Light-filled meaning – lighter, as in less dense and bogged down by belief systems and emotions that keep us feeling unsatisfied and stuck. Instead, feeling lighter as in freer, happier, and more connected. Another way we can feel light-filled is by seeing and feeling more light inside of us as we shift into higher levels of consciousness and coordinating higher energetic frequencies. You may notice new frequencies and colors of light, or a golden tone or hue as you look around, especially when in nature. When we feel connected to other beings through love and appreciation. We may begin to see the light-bodies, and soul-light that shines within and around other humans, animals, and nature-beings.

The process of shifting into a more light-filled life can be one of much internal change and external change. This can feel wonderful, and sometimes very uncomfortable, as change often is. In the midst of change, at times it can be common to lose clarity for a bit as we shift away from who we thought we were, into who we are becoming. These moments can be disorienting. The good news is, you are not alone. I hope to share practices, insights, feelings, felt-senses, intuitions that have emerged over the years, and in real time as these shifts occur. Perhaps they will resonate with you and be of some assistance. I hope that others who read this will share their stories, insights, similar and different experiences as well. This is an exciting time of change!

There are many sites and blogs that share beautiful insights about cosmic changes and events, and esoteric information about what is happening as the planet and people shift from old paradigm beliefs, experiences, and energetics to new, more enlightened, aligned, loving, fulfilled, and unified consciousness. My hope is this blog will provide guidance, helpful tools, and a means of connection for those moments when it is nice to know that other people are going through it too – to relate to others feeling similarly, feel validated, to celebrate, and to embrace how very intense and difficult, and sometimes outrageously joyful these shifts can be with others of like minds, hearts, an spirits!