Filling Your Cups: Self-Care and the Chakras, Part 2

Self-Care for the Second Chakra: BE FLUID

The Second Chakra is an orange ball of energy and awareness in the upper pelvis, below your navel and at the level of your sacral bone at the back of your pelvis. This chakra includes your sexual organs of creation (ovaries, uterus, testes), your genetic material for making new life. This area also includes your hips. While the first chakra connects us to the ground, it is in our second chakra and through our hips that we begin to feel fluidity of movement.

In the second chakra we connect with our creative juices (literally and figuratively), and can learn to go with the flow of life, enjoy the sensual – as in connecting to life through our senses, and have emotional connection. There is a lot going on there, as there are at all of these soul centers!

How we connect with these energy centers changes from day to day, from life chapter to life chapter.

Are you feeling dried-up, uninspired, unconnected, emotionally numb? Does this chakra need a little love? Here are some questions that you can ask to find out. Would any of the following help you to feel more energized, relaxed, or connected to life now, today, or sometime soon?

  • Being in or around water (or listen to ocean waves or other water sounds)

  • Dancing (free-form in your living room, or with a class or group)

  • Being intimate with your partner

  • Being intimate with yourself

  • Listening to your own emotions (journaling, taking a walk or being still and listening to your own thoughts and feelings)

  • Connecting with life through your senses: do something that would be stimulating for your senses (it doesn’t mean you have to overindulge!)

    • Taste – Give your taste buds a treat!

    • Smell – Smell the roses (or anything that smells good to you)

    • Sight – Find something beautiful to gaze upon that touches something in you

    • Sound – Find that perfect song that just makes you say “yea!”

    • Touch – Exchange foot rubs with someone you care about, pet a random stranger’s dog, touch the bark of a tree, express your love through touch (in some appropriate way!)

This is by no means a comprehensive list.

Please share your experience if you feel inspired, or your favorite way to nourish this chakra or soul center.

Filling Your Cups: Self-Care and the Chakras, Part 1

Self-Care is important ingredient to life, but something that is often neglected especially for people who are parents, caregivers, or have busy lives and put their own needs last. Self-care is about choosing what will give you energy right now, what will fill up your battery, and it is part of regular health maintenance. BUT it doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult.

Thinking of “self-care” can stir up those “shoulds” in life: I should be taking better care of myself, I should meditate, I should eat better, I should take time to relax … BUT I don’t have the time, money, energy, or see how that is even possible. However self-care can be very personalized for you and doesn’t have to cost a thing. Self-care activities can be active or passive, stimulating or relaxing. It’s all about what you need to feel more balanced, energized, inspired and well-rested. Figuring out what that something is can be the tricky part because what is energizing and rejuvenating for one person can be draining for another. Even for one person, what can be energizing and rejuvenating one day can be draining and exhausting the next.

How do you know if something is truly self-care and not just a guilty pleasure? You’ll based on how you feel afterwards. If you feel uplifted, inspired, feel somehow better about life, then you know it was self-care. If you feel more drained, tired, feel worse about yourself or about life then it probably isn’t self-care. There is nothing wrong with guilty pleasures, as long as you don’t expect them to make you feel better beyond that fleeting moment.

How can you find the Self-Care Activities that will Recharge You?

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Are Your Relationships Draining Your Energy?

Do you have a hard time saying No to the people you care about? Do you spend a lot of time worrying about loved ones? Do you feel like people take more from you than they give back? Do you feel underappreciated? These can be signs that you are giving away your energy in your relationships.

Elenor Roosevelt said, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Here’s where it can get tricky: the most powerful type of consent is often unconscious. This type of consent is based on deeply held beliefs. One belief, like I touched upon last week is about putting other people first and feeling guilty giving one’s energy to one’s self in self-care. It looks something like this:
    BELIEF: I want to be a good person. It is good to be selfless. It is bad to be selfish. Therefore I must always give people what they want when they ask for it. As a result, I feel guilty (selfish, bad) when I do something for myself.

    BELIEF: I am responsible for the happiness of all of the people in my family. Because of that, I end up thinking of every scenario where my loved ones could get hurt, could be disappointed, or make bad choices. I try to figure out how I can advise them, intervene on their behalf or somehow influence the outcome. As a result, I feel tired and drained.

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Why people confuse Self-care with being Selfish

Working with people with chronic pain, I often see a pattern of people feeling guilty or even selfish when they even think about self-care.  Lots of us, somewhere along the line, get the message that Selfish is Bad and Selfless is Good.

  • To be selfless can be translated as, everyone else’s needs are more important than mine.
  • To be selfish can be translated as my needs are more important than everyone else’s.

These are black and white, 3rd Dimensional, or duality-based beliefs.  Intellectually it makes sense that there is a middle ground, right?  There should be some middle ground between being totally selfless and totally selfish, because everyone has  a “self!”  Even if intellectually that makes sense, when our duality-based beliefs get triggered, it doesn’t feel that way.  It can just feel like I felt bad, like I was being selfish when I tried to take 15 minutes for myself, so I stopped trying.

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Containing Your Own Creative Energy – or Changing the Posture of Forward Pelvic Thrust

The theme that has been repeating in my work this week is the posture of the forward pelvic thrust, and how to change this to better contain your own creative energy.

As in my stellar drawing above ;), you can see the person’s ankles, shoulders, and head are more or less in alignment, but their pelvis is thrusted forward.

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Purpose of Light Filled Life Collective – Blog

Many of us recall that we are here for a purpose that broadly has to do with bringing more light and love to the planet.  During these times of rapid change, growth, turmoil, grace, growing strength and sense of more specificity of purpose, those who are on similar wavelengths are finding we are becoming part of a web of light and support for each other.  Some days we hold more light, and other days we struggle, but are reinsured by the light that others hold out like a beacon.

As we rise up into a higher vibration of 5th Dimensional Energy: “Unity Consciousness” or “Christ Consciousness,” we find that more than ever we are here to inspire, support, and validate each other as we awaken that we are so much more than we ever imagined.

In this blog, I will open the Akashic Records of the group: The Light Filled Life Collective.  Who is that group?  It will be whomever is drawn to read these posts.

Each post, I will draw upon the themes the Akashic Records Keepers have pointed out to me recently in the work I do in the records, open up questions that have been frequently been asked recently, or ask the Record Keepers for this group to simply share a message that is pertinent for the day.

You as a reader are always invited to share your wisdom, experiences, and add to the conversation.

With love and service,