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PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to submit a Superbill to your Insurance for possible reimbursement: I will need a doctor’s (or physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner) order for occupational therapy with medical diagnoses that describe what I will be treating, before your first visit.  Please contact me for more information.  I have a helpful document with diagnoses ICD-10 codes that I commonly treat, that you can give to your provider.



I had been living with plantar fasciitis pain in my heel for months, which had been keeping me from gardening and taking long walks. I tried various stretches and foot pads but nothing was helping.  Erika explained Matrix Repatterning to me, and after the first session I noticed a remarkable improvement. After 3 sessions the pain is considerably diminished, I am able to be on my feet longer and feel a little better every day. I continue to work with specific stretches Erika recommended.

We also did Craniosacral Therapy session where Erika opened my Akashic Records, which explored a spiritual dimension that provided insights about next steps in my life that related to my foot pain. This experience, utilizing Erika’s set of intuitively curated modalities, was a paradigm shift for my spiritual and physical well being.

Erika is a gentle and compassionate soul who brings such caring and attentiveness to her sessions. It is a gift to work with her.