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Chakra Energy Mastery

Practical, Everyday Strategies to Harness Your Chakra Battery Energy for A More Soulful Life!


Do you wonder about Your Soul Purpose?

What is my Soul Purpose is the most frequently asked question that I hear.

Often people already know a lot about their soul purpose, but they are looking for the ENERGY and spiritual courage to move forward.

People often have limiting beliefs held in their chakra systems that consistently keep them stuck, leaking energy, or in a state of limbo moving forwards and backwards.


Are you looking for energy in the wrong places?

You may feel the “low energy alert” sign signaling over and over again!

But people often fill with energy in the same, habitual ways that charge some batteries but keep others chronically at low levels.  And… that alert signal just keeps on going off inside.  This can even fuel addiction, where a person fills and fills themselves the same way but it never seems to really help.

The cycle continues … until you decide to make a change!

Do you have trouble connecting to your soul, Source, your guides?

You may know many techniques to do this but if they aren’t working the way you would like, you may need to raise your vibration.

When your mood and energy is low, your vibration is often low as well.

Learn helpful practices to raise your vibration so that you can connect with your guides
& trust the guidance you’re hearing!

Interested in learning more deeply about the wisdom held in the keys of your chakras and your body?

Looking for your next journey of consciousness?

Most folks know something about their chakras, but they are often surprised that there is much more to know!

You can continue to deepen your relationship with your chakras in ways that can enhance your life and raise your consciousness.

I would love to assist you through this exciting journey to more deeply know yourself!


In this Course You Will:

  • Learn about your weakest chakra battery and ways you can keep it charged.
  • Learn more about the places and ways you are stuck in life and what they have to do with your chakras… and more importantly, use this awareness to move forward.
  • Learn about your strongest chakra battery and how charging this battery more can help give your whole self a boost … to a certain degree.
  • Learn about what your strongest and weakest chakras tell you about your Soul Purpose.
  • Learn more about your habitual patterns of refilling your batteries and how to change your habits and routines to feed the batteries that really need it, when they need it.
  • Learn how to quickly assess your chakra batteries to see what you need at any time. This can vary situationally.
  • Identify practical in-the-moment fixes and long-term chakra recharging strategies for your body, mind, emotions, and your spirit with the energy and time that you have.
  • Create personalized recharging strategies for your needs with helpful exercises and templates.
  • Embark on a guided journey through your chakra system with other kindred spirits.
  • Learn how your chakra batteries can be an inner guide for a more energized and aligned life!
  • Learn helpful ways to raise your vibration so you can progress in your other spiritual pursuits!

What You Will Receive:

Live-Virtual Course:
  • Access to this Private Zoom-based, live Class. 15 Hours of Class Time.
  • Access to Replays of Class videos* to watch if you cannot attend live class, for your own pace and schedule needs.
  • Downloadable PDF exercises
  • Downloadable workbooks of class slide information, so you can spend more time listening and less time writing.
  • Money-Back Guarantee**
  • Private Facebook Group Community Access to converse with others going through this journey!


MP3 Audio Recording of Erika’s Chakra Clearing Meditation at Hanging Lake, so you can listen on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Receive a link for one private, virtual Akashic Record and Energy Coaching session with Erika for $74 (1/3 off advertised price), to help you dive even deeper into your chakra health!  *For use within one year of course purchase.

Receive a Free 27 page Ebook download, Self-Care and the Chakras, so you can get to work right away!

Dates: For On-Demand Course. 

Scheduling conflict?  Don’t worry!  Video Replays Available for 1 year!

March 9th (Saturday)
9am-12pm MST.

and 1st chakra

March 16th (Saturday)
9am-12pm MST

2nd and 3rd chakras

March 23th (Saturday)
9am-12pm MST

4th and 5th chakras

March 30 (Saturday)
9am-12pm MST

6th and 7th chakras

April 6th (Saturday)
9am-12pm MST

Putting it All Together 

*Course Access for video replays and downloads available for 1 year from course start.
**Money-Back Guarantee: If you are actively participating in the program and find the course is not providing you with sufficient value you can ask for your money back within the first 30 days.