How to Charge your Chakra Energy Batteries and
get the MOST out of your Vacation or Staycation!

It’s Summer Vacation Season!  I hope you are able to take some time off (even for just a day) and can get what you are needing during your special time off.

Are you needing recharging, a new perspective, inspiration, an adventure, getting out of your daily routine, to see something new, or something else fun and juicy?

Here are some energy charging questions that can help you prepare for and get the most out of your vacation.

What is YOUR Intention for your vacation?

Have you thought about what needs you are hoping your vacation will fulfill?

How can you make plans to meet these needs?

Already have plans? Great!  Take a moment to review them and think about if your plans are likely to meet your energy needs.  If you’re not sure, read on!

Which of your Chakra Energy Batteries are Needing Recharged?

Here are some reflection questions to prepare for your vacation and help you find out.  There are many questions here to reflect different battery needs.  See which questions make you curious!

1st  Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

Does connecting with the Earth or nature fill you up? If so, what ways can you make time and space for that on your vacation?

Is there a place in nature or on the planet that draws you or you feel will energize you, trigger important ideas, or helpful perspectives?

What grounds you when you travel?

Are there some creature comforts from home or that you can tap into during your vacation that can help you feel grounded while you are out of your comfort zone and regular routines?

How can you balance your need for vacation freedom within a comfortable financial budget?


2nd Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

How would you like to MOVE your body on vacation? Where?  How often?  With whom?

What sensual (taste, touch, smell, see, hear) pleasures would be enjoyable to you during your vacation?

Worried about overindulging in some way? What strategies, plans, or supports can you build into this experience?

What is available in the area(s) where you’ll be? What foods, musical experiences, nature sounds, breathtaking sights, scents, or special gems would light you up?

How can you foresee yourself needing to be fluid with plans, coordinating your needs with travel companions, or help you handle the unpredictable nature of life? What practices, supports, or scheduling ideas can help you relax and go with the flow?


3rd Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

How can you connect to YOUR passions while traveling, your sense of self, and balance your personal needs with your travel companions to charge this battery?

What strategies can you keep in mind to keep centered? Become clear about what personal needs are must-haves and which personal needs are flexible when you’re traveling with others, especially if you’re an empath or people pleaser!

Can you envision some boundary challenges, triggers, or potential arguments while traveling?

Plan ahead for personal moments, excursions, soothing car playlists, “safe words” that remind you to tend to emotional flare-ups at a more productive time, helpful sleep aids, snacks to keep away the hangries, and other helpful strategies you have found that keep potential emotional “fires” contained.

How can you divvy up travel responsibilities and travel planning to play to the strengths of all parties involved and ensure everyone gets a chance to have responsibilities as well as freedoms?

Ask yourself if you haven’t already, Why am I going on this trip or taking this time off? What do I plan to, want to, or hope to receive from this time?  What can I do to facilitate these personal needs?


4th Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

How can you charge your Love for Life during your vacation?

What qualities and experiences remind you of how much you love your travel companions, love yourself, and/or love life? Keep coming back to those reminders if you have challenging moments.

How can you balance giving and receiving during your travel experience?

  • Do you tend to put your needs last, first?
  • Reflect on how your vacation can be a win-win for everyone you’re with!

What do you think will make you smile most during this vacation?

  • Plan some smile time every day!
  • Remember to smile and relax during your trip and that your intention is to enjoy yourself!  It is a simple reminder, but doing so can radically change your experience in an instant!


5th Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

How can you prepare for good communication on your vacation?

  • Do you or someone you will travel with have a difficult time expressing their needs (and sometimes get frustrated when those needs don’t get met)?
  • How can you or your person tune in to those needs?
  • Talking before your trip can really help. Perhaps reflecting together on some of these questions can help!

Does one person tend to focus on their needs over yours or your group? How can you communicate about this prior to or during your trip so that you can find a helpful balance?

Look up and keep handy helpful and phrases if you’ll be traveling somewhere where another language or customs are practiced.

If you’re traveling alone, what places and ways would you like to strike-up a conversation with a local or other traveler?


6th Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

What deeper understanding and perspectives are you looking for about your daily life? You might not know but if you make space for reflection during and/or after your vacation these gems will come through!

What visions of a better: future, life, way of being are awaiting you if you make space to receive them?

What things would you love to learn about in these places or during this time?


7th Chakra – Energy Charging Vacation Questions

Be open to spontaneous magic! Play with the Universe and Divine Source (insert the name most meaningful to you here ________) and be inspired!

Could you use some healing, insight, feeling of connection to that which you hold sacred?

  • What special sights and places await you on your travels that can recharge your sense of connection to All That Is?

  • Perhaps there are pristine natural areas that inspire you.


I hope reflecting on some of these questions help you get the MOST out of YOUR VACATION! 

Do you sometimes feel drained even on vacation, or have moments where you feel like there is something MORE you “should” be getting from your vacation experience???

Do you want help getting clearer on which chakra energy batteries are low, find out why, and practical and personal ways to help charge them up during your vacation or everyday life?

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